Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to make a great first impression on a buyer

The idea that a first impression is vital is a huge part of staging and selling a house. That can include the state of your exterior wall cladding, the condition of the driveway or even the landscaping.

What a potential buyer first thinks about your house, before even coming in the front door, can color all of their opinions from then on. A poor first impression can easily overshadow any future interest in the new kitchen fixtures, the high-end living room flooring or the wonderful views from the bedrooms.

There are any number of household improvements you can do to boost your "curb appeal". Regardless of how you approach the exterior of your house, you need to consider these three things.

It is absolutely imperative that the exterior of your house and the yard are both clean. Sweep the deck, rake the leaves and pick up any outside clutter. Bags of garbage should not be visible, and see if any concrete or wooden areas could benefit from a quick scrub with a pressure washer.

In Good Repair
Offering a house for sale that needs work isn't that unusual, but you don't want to make it too obvious right from the get-go. Unless you are truly selling as a fixer-upper, invest a little time and money to fix the most obvious external issues. Damaged steps, cracked concrete, split siding and loose shingles will all give a depressing message to people coming to see the house.

Unless they are in good shape, many yard features are more of a detriment than a benefit. A screened gazebo is a fantastic selling point, as long as it doesn't have ripped screens or a lop-sided frame. In your hurry to improve your home, make sure you're not actually adding problems because of hasty work or second-hand quality.

Low Maintenance
Even if everything is spotless, people can be quickly turned off when they see things that are going to mean a lot of work for them in the future. Swimming pools can be a double-edged sword in this regard, as they can be a fantastic selling feature as long as the potential buyer doesn't mind all the expense and effort that goes into maintenance.

You probably won't want to actually remove any high-maintenance feature but think about this when you consider new renovations to sell your house. A fancy koi pond, elaborate yard lighting system or a huge flower garden will tell visitors that there is more work in store for them if they buy your house. Yes, these are lovely things that can be attractive, but are they going to potentially turn away some potential buyers? Instead, choose fixtures or features that may have less glam to them but don't represent too much work either. 

It's not necessarily about what your house has on display, but how it all looks. Follow these tips and you'll be impressing visitors before they even get out of their cars.

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