Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cutting The Costs When Moving Home

When moving into a new home, there are a number of costs you will encounter, and your bank balance will take a serious dip.The cost of living is rising all the time, yet our salaries rarely seem to reflect this. In the moving process there are things you may not have budgeted for.This includes renovation work to your current home to raise the value and attract potential buyers. Then there are the removal costs as well as any extra work that needs to be done in the new house, and budgeting for the cost of living in those first few months.

Moving can be very stressful but here are a few small yet significant ways you can save money in the months ahead.

Use cheaper services

In moving into your new home, use price comparison sites to find the best deals on energy, water, telephone and insurance providers. You don’t need to stick with the companies you have used in the past, so shop around and look for the best offers available to you. They don’t care about you personally and are only interested in your business, so don’t have a sense of misguided loyalty, no matter how lovely their customer service. You can often find a better deal elsewhere, saving you extra money in the process and giving you extra cash to pay for anything necessary for the new house.

In the moving process, you will be requiring services such as hiring a removal van and possible repair work. Always look for the better deals and hire professionals such as who are competing with similar companies by offering competitive price deals. When you have found somebody you trust, you can use them again in the future.

Look after your money

You are likely adding to your current debts by adding a new mortgage for the property. Consider all the debts you owe and speak to your bank.  Consolidate all your debts at lower interest rates and pay them off as soon as you can to cut down on interest payments.

Budget each month for all of the utility services you intend to use, and if you are not happy with any of them, contact them and switch if you need to. If you discover you are struggling to pay a bill, don’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Tell the company involved, and they will probably help you with a budget plan for the months ahead. This will alleviate your stress and help you to budget  effectively.

You will need to eat, despite all the excitement involved. Whatever the state of your kitchen on arrival, you are going to need to eat something. Bring the food along from your previous home, and have a plan for the first few days. Avoid the expense of takeaways whenever possible as you may be running to a tight budget. After the initial outlay, your finances should get back on track with sufficient planning. So be sensible and enjoy your new home.


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