Friday, May 26, 2017

Essential Guide To Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, but it can also be one of the more difficult to clean. There is nothing worse than being sat in the bath surrounded by those dirty black rings around the edge. Then there are the moment's first thing in the morning when everybody in your house is in a rush to get to the bathroom first. When you get in there, the place looks like a crime scene, with wet towels scattered across the floor and toothpaste streaked up the mirror.
Like it or not, you need to get around to cleaning the bathroom at some point, and the more you stay on top of the room, the easier it will be. Let's focus on the three main areas of use and make your room sparkle again.

Cleaning the sink

Every day the sink comes under fire from dribbles of toothpaste to clogged up hairs from a shaver. It needs to be cleaned regularly and unclogged with a sink unblocker.

Use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface of the sink and around the taps. For built up areas of scum use an abrasive cloth to eliminate the hardest patches of grime. For hygiene, use cleaning fluid formulated with bleach.

Homemade mixtures such as vinegar and water or baking soda and water make your sink sparkle and are cheaper than branded products.

Working on the bathtub and shower

The bath area is prone to damage from all the oils and hair products you use, and the taps and rims of the bath are liable to gather moisture and mould. It may be worth spraying the bath and your sink with whatever cleaning product you prefer at the beginning of your cleaning regime. Then leave it to stand for a while, dissolving all the scum as you get to work on the rest of the bathroom.

If your shower has a detachable head, this will make it easier to rinse clean your bathtub of any chemicals you have used. Your shower doors will need extra care taken with them as abrasive cleaning pads can scratch the finish. These all-in-one shower screen cleaning products are a handy way of eliminating the need to buy several different products as they clean all areas of the bathroom, not just the shower.

Toilet time

Undoubtedly the one place in the bathroom that gets the most use. Failure to clean this sufficiently will result in a buildup of germs and unpleasant smells.

Place the toilet bowl cleaner of your choice and let it go to work dissolving any hidden grime and killing the germs. The cleaner needs time to work so don’t flush it away too quickly. Then use your toilet brush to get to work on the hard to reach places, such as under the toilet rim and scrub away any hidden deposits. A pumice stone is also very effective in removing toilet ring stains if other products fail to do the work.


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