Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Little Changes That Make A House A Much Better Deal

Whether you’re looking to sell your house or to rent it out, there’s one thing that any viewer will want to see more than anything. They want to see value, first and foremost. You might not be intent on investing in a full renovation or extension, so if you have a smaller budget, what is available to you? Here, we’ll look at little steps that can add big value to a home and help you ask for a higher price or set a more profitable rent.

Give some value to the backyard

We’ve all heard that it’s the kitchen and the bathroom that can add the most value to the home. But when you want to create an emotional hook to get tenants and buyers interested, the garden can be just as powerful a choice and might not be as expensive as renovating the interior. The garden gives them a glimpse of more than utility, it gives them an idea of the lifestyle they can enjoy there. For instance, laying some decking or a patio to create an outdoor dining space for the summer. If you have a lot more space in your yard, you might even consider a big addition like a tennis court.
Reduce their costs

Speak to your viewers in the language that everyone understands: money. By making changes to the home that can cut their costs, you could give yourself some ground to bump up the price a little. For instance, if the house catches a lot of sun, then having residential tinting on the windows can do a great deal to cut the costs of managing the temperature in the home. If it’s a home that’s built to accommodate many people, then a water meter could be another long-term cost saving tool that you can use to increase your short-term profit. As with all changes, however, you have to make sure that the value it adds to the house justifies the cost of getting these changes installed. As a landlord, this is easier because that profit will keep coming long after you’ve broken even.
Open some space

Space is easily one of the biggest sources of extra revenue when you’re trying to sell or rent a home. Extensions might be the most effective way to get some, but they’re not the only one. If a conversion in the garage, loft, or basement wouldn’t cost you too much, you should consider it. If you’re willing to invest some more, then you could even think about knocking out a wall to create a more open-plan arrangement for the home. Then there are little storage space changes you can make such as fitting storage in below the stairs or investing in a floating sink to add some beneath it.

Beyond making the changes, you have to emphasize them when the viewers come around. They’re not going to immediately recognize the value of some of the improvements you’ve made to the home. Give them some prominence in your listings and make sure they get a highlight when viewers come around.


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