Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On the House: 13 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

When you invest in a house, it is pretty much always a work in progress. Whether you are planning on selling it in the near future or are just wanting to live in a nicer environment, adding value to your home is an ongoing task that you will want to keep doing as often as possible. While some value-adding tasks require a great deal of effort and work, others can be done in a relatively short amount of time for less of an investment.

If you are planning to move up the property ladder at some point, you need to make sure that you are proactive in ticking off your list of home improvement tasks. Here are a few of the most common ones to get you started.

Have a Loft Conversion

Using the space that you have at the top of your house to create an extra bedroom or bathroom is an effective way to add value to your property. However, a loft conversion is also one of the most costly approaches so it is worth doing the sums to make sure it is worthwhile. In general, the amount spent on the conversion is more than made up for with the extra value that you will add to your home. Accessibility is one of the key issues so the conversion fits in well with the rest of the house rather than looking ‘tacked-on’.

Make the Most of the Garage Space

Many people have garage space that is way bigger than a single car. You could undertake some work in the garage to utilise the extra space to create a workshop or simply an additional storage area. As well as this, you could make sure everything is modern with automatic garage doors. One of the main tricks when it comes to adding value to your home is making the most of the space that you have.

Pave Over the Front Garden

This advice is particularly relevant if you live in a busy city centre or anywhere that parking is scarce. If you don’t really use your front garden area for anything and it is not particularly attractive, it makes sense to utilise it for valuable parking space. The added value is likely to be significant in a city centre. However, if you live in the countryside and the garden is important to the overall image of your home, you may want to consider keeping it or at least think about preserving the flower beds so you have a bit of colour on the outside.   

Paint the House

If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, you will want to take steps to get buyers through the door in the first place. Painting the outside of your home is one of the most affordable and effective ways of making it look like an inviting place to live. You may need to get the professionals in to do the majority of the job, but you can at least do the front door yourself. You would be surprised what a big difference a couple of coats of paint and a new house number can make. While you are out there, you can also do a few other simple tasks like cleaning dirty windows, clearing the driveway and unblocking the gutters.

Build a Conservatory

Another more costly job but one that can also add significant value to your property is building a conservatory. Extending your living space is usually a good idea, but you want to make sure that it doesn’t look like something that has been hastily added to the back of your house. One of your top considerations should be making sure that the conservatory matches the overall style of your home. Rather than making it feel separate, you can install it with an entrance that joins up with the rest of the house.

Change the Windows

If the windows are old-fashioned or need to be made more energy efficient, this is a job worth doing as people’s eyes are naturally drawn to this part of the house. Remember to try to make them match with the overall age and style of the property. So, if it was built with wooden windows, then these are what you should put in. The same goes if they are metal. Changing the style is a bold move that you should only attempt if you are confident that it will make a big improvement.

Hang Up Mirrors in the Hall

Now it is time to move on to the inside of the property. In most properties, the hall is the first thing that guests will see so you want to make a good first impression. If you have a narrow hall, putting up a large mirror on either side can make the space look significantly bigger and more inviting. Another thing you can do is to put some green plants in the entryway to give your house a natural feel from the moment you step inside.

Refurbish the Kitchen

When it comes to refurbishing the different rooms in your house, top of the list should be the kitchen. This is the place that becomes the epicentre of the home; an area to cook, socialise and spend quality time. Design trends are always changing, and having a kitchen that is modern and fresh-looking can really make all the difference when it comes to selling your property on. Making the area look spacious and installing energy efficient appliances should be two of your top priorities. You should also use the price bracket of your house as a good measure of how much you should spend on your kitchen renovation.

Move on to the Bathroom

If you have already tackled the kitchen, the next room to move onto is the bathroom. If you are doing a complete bathroom renovation, then this can also be a fairly costly process, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Putting in some new taps, towel rail, shower head and glass screen, to name a few things can spruce up the room without you breaking the bank. Simply making sure the room is well maintained can really make all the difference on its own.

Knock Down Unnecessary Walls

Modern design trends of late are all about open space, so you should consider knocking down any walls that are not load-bearing. Rather than dividing up rooms as clearly as they once were, this ensures that the house has a more open-plan feel and potential buyers have a lot more options when it comes to deciding what to do with the space. Even if you are planning to stay in the house, you would be surprised what a big difference it makes and how much room you can create.

Make the Garden More Accessible from the House

If you have a good garden space, you will want as much of it as possible to be visible from your house. Consider putting in some glass doors which will help to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. They will also encourage a lot more natural light to enter your home. Outdoor lighting can also help so you can enjoy the garden area at nighttime. The garden can be treated as another room of the home by adding decking, which provides the perfect platform to create an entertainment area.

Add an Extension (or Just Get Planning Permission)

Rather than utilising the space you already have, this one is all about creating entirely new space. Even if you don’t decide to have the extension done yourself, just the knowledge that it is an option can add value to your property. Apply for planning permission and you can show potential buyers that there won’t be any obstacles in their way when it comes to planning for an extension.

Work on Some Basic DIY Jobs

You don’t need to be an expert to undertake some basic DIY jobs that will add value to your property. We have already talked about a lick of paint on the outside, but doing the same on the inside should be high up on your list of priorities. Another easy job that you can take a look at is sorting out any creaky doors and windows. Moving into the kitchen and bathroom, you will probably be able to tackle any mouldy sealants and fix any dripping taps. Remember not to tackle anything that looks too complicated if you think that you are going to make things worse, but look at all the advice that is available online and give some basic jobs a go.

These are just a few of the top jobs that you can undertake if you are looking to add value to your home. Like we talked about at the start, a house is very much a work-in-progress, but making sure that you always have some sort of job to complete is a good way to ensure that you are always moving in the right direction.


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