Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our New House

I was scrolling through my blog yesterday and I realised that I never share with you the photos of our new place, there is no furniture in the photos but just an empty house. I don't think there needs to be much description on these photos but I will just let you know which rooms are which and you can peruse at your leisure. I have been working on styling since we moved in but am just not ready to share the photos just yet. I promise I will keep working on it and share with you as soon as possible. But for now.....

Our front door and Hallway

Well this is obvious!

Upstairs Bathroom and 2 bedrooms.....pretty basic

Master Bedroom, Walk in Robe and Ensuite

We have this shelving unit on both sides of the walk in robe (so opposite this one) and then just hanging space on the back wall.

There is another bedroom/study downstairs but it pretty much looks the same as the other ones, so.....boring. Here is out Living area, kitchen and walk in pantry

Don't forget the laundry

I will share the photos with some furniture very soon.


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