Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Enjoy a Warmer House Whilst Reducing Your Energy Bill

Heating our homes can be a pricey business. Trying to reduce our energy bills however is not as tricky as you may think it is. Follow our super simple tips for cutting down your energy bills whilst keeping your homes cosier and toastier than ever before.


Utilise Curtains

The heat that the sun brings into your home is completely free so all homeowners should be making the most of this free energy source. Keeping your curtains open to let the sunshine pour in will go a surprisingly long way in keeping your home feeling warm and cosy in the daytime. Then as the sun goes down, close your curtain, which acts as an extra layer of insulation, to keep the warmth inside your home. All window frames should be without gaps to make sure that the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in.

Proper Insulation

High energy bills and chilly houses could be related to the insulation in your house. It is easy to lose 25% of heat through our walls and roof so it is essential to have proper insulation in our homes to avoid this waste of energy. If you live in an old house then you may need to look into an existing wall insulation project or perhaps properly insulating your roof. Hire a local insulation specialist in your area to come to your home to see what needs to be done around your home. The project itself will require a little investment but this will more than pay for itself over the coming years by drastically reduced energy bills.

Central Heating Timers

Surprising new energy studies have revealed that switching your heating on, at a lower heat, for a longer time actually uses less energy than having it on at a higher level, for less time. For example putting your timer on for 30 minutes before you wake up, at a lower heat, will use less energy than ramping it up to full heat the moment you wake up for the hour or so that you need the heating on for getting ready in the morning.

Relocating Your Sofa

We all know how fabulous it is to feel the heat of the radiator seeping out and over the back of our sofas. However this positioning is possibly sapping all the heat from the room and therefore seriously ramping up your energy bills. A little change like moving your sofa away from the radiator will mean you can still enjoy the warmth of the radiator, but so will the rest of the room and the rest of your home.

Turn it Down a Notch

Turning down the temperature on our thermostats may sound rather counterintuitive when it comes to ways of best heating our homes. However recent energy studies have revealed that turning down your thermostat by as little as 1 °C can bring you up at a 10% reduction in your energy bill. So throw on that cosy cardigan tweak the heating down a teeny tiny slither and enjoy a new reduced monthly energy bill.


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