Friday, July 28, 2017

How To Make Moving Homes Fun For Children

Getting children involved in the moving of homes is somewhat of a trying task. They might have an emotional attachment to the home because it’s where they grew up and had birthday parties and many great times with friends. Additionally, you might be moving them to a different school and city, which means they’ll be saying goodbye to their friends. Your children’s spirits may be down, and they won’t want to help in the moving. However, picking up your lives and completely moving everything, requires all hands on deck. You can solve these two issues, by making moving day, a fun and activity-packed day for the kids. Not everything has to be boring regarding the packing, check listing, conducting removals and planning the journey to the new home. All you need is to inject a little imagination and create adventures for the kids which take the stress away and take their minds off their worries.


Packing is fun

Empty cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and foam packaging; what’s not to like? It’s okay to let children have a bit of fun with the essentials of moving. A few days before the move, you could build a fort with the cardboard boxes, and roleplay with the kids. On the actual moving day, you could get the children to treat the household items, your package to be loot, treasure or gold. You could play a game where somebody is trying to steal the gold i.e. the items, and the kids need to get it safely aboard the ship. The ship could be the removal van or your car. Incentivize them by offering sweets or other treats as a reward for the most moving boxes. Keep safety in mind, and don’t let them run with heavy boxes because they might trip over; damaging the contents of the box and hurting themselves in the process.


Removing time

Eventually, when all the packing is done, it’ll be time to start loading the truck. It’s best advised to book a business that are family removalists. Family owned companies will treat and operate in the means to treat you like a family and not just another number. The staff will be friendly and work with your children to lighten their mood. They can show the children that they’re not faceless ghouls, who are looking to take them away from the home they love. Again, with absolute safety in mind, you may get a positive response by letting your kids sit in the driving seat of the big truck. Children often have dump trucks and large vehicles as toys, so sitting in the real thing will be quite an experience for them.


The boxes could be a window to escape for the children. Allow them to decorate the cardboard with paintings, drawings, stickers and other textile artwork. Children can sometimes symbolize their sadness. The boxes are the things that are packing their life and moving it away from their home. You can run into resistance because the boxes are a sign of change. By familiarizing and personalizing the boxes to make them, their own, children can let down their barriers and not be so hostile to the concept of moving homes.


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