Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kiss Goodbye To Carpets, There Are New Floors On The Block

Many of us opt for carpet in our homes. It’s warm, cozy, and feels amazing. Let’s be honest; nothing beats getting home after a long day and letting your feet sink into those fuzzy fibers. But, the carpet quest isn’t all fun and games. In recent years, carpet has become a dated concept for a few different reasons. For one, it gets messy. You can hoover every day, but dirt will still build. Plus, general staining and spillages make a carpet look worn and tired in no time. For another, modern designs seem to be more about opening our homes than confining them. As such, there’s no room for carpet! But, with that old fall-back gone, what are your other options?

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors should be your first port of call. Most homes opt for these over carpets. And, it’s easy to see why. Wooden flooring makes any home feel spacious. It’s sleek and creates an echo that makes even the lowest rooms seem vast. Plus, and we think most importantly, they’re easy to clean! There’s no denying that you might feel like there’s more dirt to start. After all, your carpet’s been hiding those bits of dirt from you for years. But, a quick sweep with the dustpan is all it takes to tackle the issue. Other than that, washing your floors with floor cleaner once a week is all the maintenance they need!

But, what type of wooden floor is best? You could take up your current carpet and see if there’s wooden flooring underneath. While the underlay wood isn’t always the best quality, you might find that a little wood refinishing is all it takes to make it look amazing. Or, you could opt for a new natural wood floor. These are the best appearance wise, but they will set you back. As an alternative, you could look into cheaper laminate options. Though not as impressive, they’re a fraction of the price.


The majority of us have been using tiles in the kitchen for years. But, have you ever thought about using them throughout the rest of your home? These can look amazing, and have many of the same benefits as wood flooring. They’re easy to clean and create that same sense of space. But, unlike wooden flooring, you have the ability to get creative here. You could opt for whatever design tile you fancy. You could keep it simple, with a gray slate option. Or, you could get funky with some feature tiles!


Of course, sometimes, our feet just want something warm to rest on. The only downside to these alternatives is that they’re cold and hard on tired feet. The best way to find a compromise for this problem is to invest in some rugs. These can form a fantastic centerpiece for your rooms. Plus, they’ll offer that level of comfort you might miss from your carpet. But, their small size makes them much easier to clean that your carpet ever was!


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