Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making The Garden A Place To Call Home

It’s so hard to keep up garden maintenance. Nature is unruly and messier than the squabbling children running around your house; no matter how good you are at keeping your home’s interior clean, the exterior world has a mind of its own. Still, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. The natural world boasts a lot of beauty, and you can sculpt that beauty into the image you desire if you just put a little time and thought into it. Here are some tips to help you turn your neglected garden area into a home.

Tidy up the place

First of all, you need to approach this garden project in the same way that you would approach an interior design project within your home. You begin by creating a blank canvas on which you can throw your ideas. Instead of decluttering old furnishings and repainting the walls, you need to de-weed and mow the lawn. You need to get rid of those old neglected flower beds, trim back the overgrown bushes or perhaps even untamed trees, and find a home for those neglected garden tools lying everywhere. You might want to work on the shed so that you’ve got somewhere to organize and store all those loose pieces of equipment lying around, such as lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers, and so on.

Make the patio prettier

Now that you have a tidy garden, it’s time to fill this blank slate with all the colorful ideas you have in mind. Turn this garden into a cozy outdoor lounge: that has to be your goal. If you want it to feel like home then create a patio area which feels like home; you can achieve this with cushioned seats, warm lighting, a gazebo for shelter, and a dining table for summer evening meals under the stars. You might want to look into Australian hardwood decking to spruce up the place because even the aesthetic of the patio is important when it comes to comfort. Put as much effort into this outdoor space as you do with your home’s indoor space, and you’ll start to see your garden as simply another room in the house.

Get stuck in with actual gardening

Much like the inside of your home, you want your garden to be aesthetically pleasing. Focusing on creature comforts and pretty luxuries such as a miniature fountain, or perhaps even a small pond, all are great ways to make your garden feel like home, but you also have the power of nature at your fingertips. It’d be a waste not to utilize this. Plants and flowers will likely need weekly maintenance, but it’s worth it when you actually want to go out into your garden.

You’ll find it far easier to motivate yourself to get outside and maintain your garden when it looks so nice in the first place. That’s why you need to imbue it with some vivid colors and patterns to create a natural paradise at which you can gaze from your sleek new patio area. Hopefully, this article has helped paint a picture in your mind of just how glorious your garden could be if you invested time into it. Remember, this is the extra room of your house; it’s the one you never really think about, but it’s possibly the most important.


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