Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sell Your House With These Super Simple Staging Tips


Has your house been on the market for a while and you’re struggling to find a buyer? Try our super simple and, more importantly, super cheap tips to whip your home up into a property that will have the buyers shouting out, ‘where do I sign?’

A Lick of Paint

A lick of paint truly covers a multitude of sins and anyone looking to sell their home should be taking to their paintbrush before even thinking about doing anything else. Faded and scuffed walls is a big turnoff to many buyers. Even though it is a purely cosmetic issue that can be solved easily and quickly, old and tired looking walls and paint schemes can make a home look shabby and undesirable. So get those sleeves rolled up and get to work giving your walls a much needed facelift.


The lighting in your home has a direct effect on the mood and feel of each room. Harsh overhead lighting can make a room look cold, uninviting and without character so make sure that you are looking for cleverer lighting solutions when showing people around your property. Lighting from a variety of cosy and attractive floor lamps and tabletop lamps will make the rooms in your home look much more inviting and cosy. If anyone is viewing your property in the evening, then you should also be lighting some candles around the home, to create a romantic homey mood.

The lighting in your home is also influenced by the curtains and blinds that you have in your home. So make sure that you are not making any rooms look tired or unnecessarily dark with old, tatty curtains and lumbersome blinds. Look around for bright and luxe style curtains and blinds with a company like, Mcelwaines who will be able to advise on the best style of window textiles to best bring out the mood and style of each mood. Looking into the best options for each room in your house will ensure that you are accentuating the individual style and decor of each room with sumptuous textiles, colours and textures.


Real estate agents will tell you one of the most common ways people are not showing off their houses in the best possible way is due to the clutter getting in the way. Clutter is a big no-no when trying to sell your house as it makes it difficult for home buyers to visualise their life and their things in a space that is so overcrowded with your belongings. When it comes to selling your house. Less is definitely more. So get the nick nacks off the fireplace, scoop the coats up from the hallways and store them away. Keep dressing tables, kitchen tables and any table top surfaces in your home free of clutter and mess.

Clean Bathroom = Happy Buyers

Although a complete bathroom renovation is usually not worth the investment, when selling a property, a bathroom facelift is most certainly worth the time. Buy in new shower curtains, bath rugs and have your towels looking clean, neat and organised. Clean up old looking grouting and clean your bathroom from top to bottom until it sparkles and your buyers can see their smiling faces in it.


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