Wednesday, August 16, 2017

4 Creative Ways To Get Your Dream House

One problem with dream homes is that more people are looking for those types of homes than there are houses. As soon as a hot property goes onto the market, you’ll have to fight off the interest of all the other parties who want the home or get involved in a messy bidding battle. However, it’s important to remember the traditional route of buying a new house - looking at listings and seeing what’s available - is only one of the options you have. Below, we take a look at four creative ways to get the house of your dreams, none of which involve trying to gazump another bidding couple.


A Targeted Approach

If you’ve found the neighbourhood you want to live in, common procedure dictates that you’ll drive around the area and make a note of all the homes that have a ‘for sale’ sign standing up outside. This tactic will get you a home, but your dream home? It’s unlikely. Instead, why not drive around and make a note of the homes you would like. After that, you create a letter outlining your interest in buying the home, pop it in their letter box, and then play the waiting game. It’ll likely be a ‘no’, but this approach has worked for others in the past, and as it’s low-risk and takes next to effort, it might be one of the decisions you’ve made.

Good Old Networking

You can learn a lot just by opening your mouth and having a conversation with people. If you’ve talking with a friend (or stranger, depending on how social you are), casually drop it that you’re looking to buy a home, with a few essential requirements thrown in there too (let’s say, three bedrooms, large garden, between street x and street y). They might know someone who’s selling a property just like the one you’re after, and you’ll have a headstart on the competition to get the keys.

Do it Yourself

The off- and on-real estate market can’t always work with you; sometimes, your dream house just won’t be for sale. But what if instead of waiting for the perfect property to materialise, you take your dream into your own hands and build it yourself? There are custom home builders who can bring your vision to life, giving you everything you want in a house down to the last detail. You’ll have control over the whole process, and you won’t have to deal with any of the standard house buying problems that the rest of the herd have to contend with.

“A Garage Sale?”

You can buy a lot at a garage sale. Old golf clubs, a baby’s crib,! It’s true. Often, people have a garage sale to declutter their home before they put it in on the market. If you’re driving around and happen to see a garage sale, it’s worth stopping in to get a feel for the place. If you like what you say, make some subtle enquiries - it might just pay off.

There are more ways than one to get your dream house, so start thinking outside of the box!


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