Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creating A Luxury Home Without Breaking The Bank

The word ‘luxury’ entails expense, but a luxurious house is all about aesthetics and appearance to the human eye. Nobody said it has to cost you a fortune to create a home with a contemporary appearance. If you know how to design a house in such a way then all it takes is a little initiative. Here are some tips, tricks, and inspiring ideas to help you create a luxury home without breaking the bank.


Minimalism isn’t just another fad trend. It’s a continuously popular choice for any interior designers, and there are multiple reasons for this. Above all else, it avoids clutter; it avoids the possibility of you over-filling a room with unnecessary furnishings and creating an eyesore of a living space. Of course, the best thing for you is that it makes everything inexpensive; the fewer things you add to a room, the less it’ll cost you. It’s simple, and it’s beautiful. The luxury look is manageable for even the most frugal designer if they know what they’re doing.

The bathroom and the kitchen

These two rooms are some of the most important in the house. A lounge can be spruced up with a brand new couch, and a bedroom can be spruced up with a brand new wardrobe. Kitchens and bathrooms, however, are rooms containing a myriad of important tools and furnishings. Renovating these rooms is a bigger task but not necessarily a costlier one if you know how to go about it. In terms of the bathroom, simply retiling the floor (again, opt for the DIY approach) can make a world of difference to revitalizing a tired old room. The same goes for the kitchen; retiling, repainting the walls, and perhaps even knocking down outdated cabinets and replacing them with homemade shelving are all ways in which you can make these rooms look luxurious without breaking the bank.

Spruce up the garden

The exterior of your property is just as important as the interior - if not more important. You’re creating a first impression when it comes to your home’s outdoor space, and that first impression should smell of class and modernity. Again, you’re probably imagining big figures slowly dropping in your bank account, but you should have realized by now that luxury is a state of mind. If you opt for the DIY approach with renovating your garden then it won’t cost a fortune. Mow the lawn, de-weed, plant new flower beds, and fit sleek new wooden decking for your patio. All of these things are far cheaper if you do them yourself.

A centerpiece can make all the difference, of course. Reward yourself for your hard work around the garden (and the house) and use all the money you’ve saved by treating yourself to an actual luxury treat. You could opt for something simple, such as a miniature pond in the center of the garden, or you could go the extra mile and get a pool installed. That would improve the garden’s aesthetic and give the family somewhere fun to splash around on warm summer days (or evenings). You could even look into swimming pool glass fencing to create both a sleek aesthetic appearance and a safety net if you’re worried about the kids falling in.

The point is that, by sprucing up your garden, you’ll be creating an image as well as something with a practical function. Imagine relaxing on a lounger in your garden with the sun beating on your face and a beautiful pool, water fountain, pond, or some other luxury feature sitting before you. You’ll feel as if you’ve rented out a holiday villa all year round, and why shouldn’t you feel that way in your own home? Anybody can make their humble abode feel luxurious on the inside and the outside. It doesn’t always take a lot of money; it just requires hard work and a keen eye for modern design. You can control the former, but we hope that this article has helped you with the latter.


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