Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Flying Solo & Living Alone: Hacks For Giving Your House That Homey Feel

If you are about to venture into the world of living solo, you are probably thinking one of two things - I am going to hate living alone, or this is going to be amazing, finally I am free. Or, believe it or not, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions, and that’s perfectly normal. The fact is that living along for the first time comes with a combination of different feelings - it’s exciting, it’s daunting, and sometimes, it can be downright scary.

One of the main concerns that a lot of people have when planning to live alone is that their home won’t feel homey. This is especially true for people who have always shared their homes with other people, such as their family, partner, or housemates. The fact is that living alone can come as a shock - after all, it is a big change to adapt to. However, you can minimize the shock that you feel by making your new home wonderfully homey, even if you only share it with your cat.

Treat yourself to some new items

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To create a home that you love as well as one that is on-trend, it’s important to treat yourself to some new items. Remember, it’s your home - on one else's - so you can decorate it however you like. Got a love of rose gold, pastel pink, and marble - then fill your home with items in these materials and colors. Mad about minimalist style - pick furniture and accessories that have a minimalist look and feel to them. Have you been eyeing up some faux fur throws for a while? Are you crazy about patterned cushions? Do you love wall art that features quotes? Whatever pieces of furniture and decor you like, find ways to incorporate them into your home. To give your new home a homey feel, it’s vital that you let your personality shine through via your decor and design.

Incorporate belongings from your old home

Having your own home may be a fresh start for you - the end of a toxic relationship, the next step in adulthood, the first time living away from home - but that doesn’t mean you don’t need belongings from your previous home. To make living alone more comfortable, you want to surround yourself with familiarity, not just new items. So bringing a few bits and bobs from your old home is a must. Don’t worry about moving your items from your old home, if they don't fit in your car, you can hire cheap movers to move them for you. Whether you choose to bring all of your main pieces of furniture with you, such as your bed, storage, and seating or opt to only bring a few meaningful pieces, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are surrounded by a few items that make you feel comfortable and remind you of home.

Coziness is key

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When it comes to creating a space that feels homey, it’s all about making it look and feel warm and cozy. The fact is that coziness is key when it comes to home design because a cozy home is an inviting home. The key to creating a cozy space lays with the small details, think lighting, soft textiles, and accessories. For instance, lighting plays a big part in how warm and welcoming a place is. Bright, white lighting creates a sterile feel, whereas warmer hued, softer lighting such as from table lamps, a dimmer switch, or fairy lights, creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. As for the soft furnishings, for a home that is cozy, they also need to be comfortable, which is where the rugs, throws, and cushions come in. Dot plush rugs around your home, drape knitted and faux throws over your furniture, invest in floor cushions, soft ottomans, and benches. Scents also play a vital part in how cozy a place feels. Scents like vanilla, lavender and rose all create a sense of comfort and calm. Whether you dot scented candles around your home or opt to use reed diffusers or incense, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you find a way to incorporate these scents. For a cozier home, it’s all about the lighting, soft furnishings, and scents.

Bring nature in

A home that is homey and welcoming is always a home that has nature incorporated into it. There’s something about having leafy, luscious greenery dotted around that helps to create a home that feels more warm and welcoming. The fact is that plants - whether you have leafy green plants or orchids - bring life to any space. Even a cactus or two can help to breathe new life into a room - it’s not about the plants that you choose to incorporate in your home, it’s just a case of ensuring that there is some greenery about.

Soften harsh lines

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Did you know that straight lines create a harsh feel in a home, which can impact how welcoming a space feels? Tricks like adding round rugs, round tables - basically anything with round, softer edges - can work well. To break up straight lines, such as the straight lines of a couch, pop a blanket over it or invest in circular cushions.

Personalize your furniture

Is a lot of your furniture from a catalog? Does it all have the same look and feel? To give your home a unique feel, consider personalizing your furniture. Whether this means reupholstering your soft furnishings, painting your furniture, or finding another way to revamp the pieces that are from a catalog, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you make your home look and feel more personal, and if that means personalizing your furniture, then that’s what you need to do. The last thing that you want is for your home to look like it has come straight from the Bed, Bath & Beyond catalog.

There you have it, a guide to flying solo and living alone for the first time, complete with an array of ways to give your new property that homey look and feel.


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