Friday, August 11, 2017

Make The Garden Your Favourite Room Of The House

There’s nothing quite like being outside and enjoying the fresh air and nature (providing the weather is on point). Therefore, it only makes sense to create an outdoor haven to utilise and enjoy by making your garden into one of your favourite “rooms” of your home. The more time you spend in your backyard, the more vitamin d you’ll be getting, and you’ll come back inside in a great mood and with a smile on your face. The following are some ideas to help you to get the best out of your garden and inspire you to spend more time there.

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Relax Out There

Grab some throws and cushions and pop them on your outdoor seating and create a comfortable area to go out and read a book or listen to the radio in the sunshine. You could use a coffee table and put some candles on it, surround a patio area with fairy lights, and enjoy a glass of red during the evenings; it’ll be your new living room before you know it. Don’t forget that you’re outdoors; you can invest in some low maintenance pot plants and window boxes so that you can infuse some flora and fauna into your new chillout zone.

Pave or deck the area outside your back door so that your home leads into the garden seamlessly; look here to find out more about what can be done to create an outdoor area you’ll want to hang out in after work. Make sure that all your senses are satisfied with the aesthetics of the space, the scent of your flowers and fruit, and the sound of birds who’ll be flocking towards your spruced-up backyard space. Fire pits and beanbags are a great addition to any patio area, and it’ll be a situation that you can’t enjoy inside the house, so you’ll be encouraged to get off the sofa and gather everyone around the fire to catch-up.

Eat Al Fresco

If there’s one thing Aussies are known for; it’s our ability to have a quality BBQ on regular occasions. Aside from throwing the barbecue on the lawn now and again every time you fancy a hotdog; invest in a decent grill for the patio area you’ve recently renovated. Look into roofed patio areas too; this will ensure that you’ll be able to griddle up a storm even when the rain falls.

Take your al fresco dining seriously and invest in a big garden table and chairs; if the family have somewhere decent to sit and eat, they’ll want to do it more often. You can get your plants in on the dinner action too; grow some fruit, salad leaves, and veg in containers on your decking, or in the lawn, so you can grab the freshest produce when it comes to cooking Sunday lunch, outside. Set the table, invite the friends and family over (tell them it’s BYOB), and get stuck into regular meals in your garden space; it’s the ideal space for an afternoon nap after a big lunch and you’ll only have to travel from the patio to the lawn.

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