Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sure-Fire Ways To Make The Neighbours Green With Envy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could remove the imperfections from your home? If you could make sure that your house looked like a masterful design, a beautiful haven of style and decor. Well, you can. A few changes to your home design will ensure that those little imperfections that make your home look plain, dull or dated are gone for good. Let’s start by thinking about the outside of the property. After all, that’s the area that most people will see whether they are walking by or having a nosy at their neighbor’s design work.

The Grass Is Always Greener

At least, it will be if you take our advice and replace your natural grass with the artificial variety. According to, Astro turf doesn’t need to be weeded or cut. So, an extra benefit of this choice is that you can kiss the garden chores goodbye. The main advantage though is surely that there won’t be any marks where the grass has burned underneath the sun. Nor, will there be any overgrown clumps that you missed with the lawnmower. Your grass will stay green and lush all year around, no matter how many times your pet pooch does it’s business. The best part? Your neighbours might suspect that the grass is fake, but unless they have a feel, they’ll never know for sure. It looks just like the real deal. You can even tease them by leaving the lawnmower on the driveway to make it look like the grass has just been cut.

Going Tropical

Another possibility to ensure that your home looks absolutely stunning would be to purchase tropical plants for your front or back garden. Tropical plants will give your home a wonderful array of different colors, completely unique to your landscaping. All you need  to do is make sure you pick plants that can grow in your climate. That could be easier said than done but you’ll be surprised by how many actually do. These plants will require a little extra maintenance, but it will be worth it to transform your front yard into a tropical paradise and ensure your neighbours really do go green with envy.

Less Is More

Bigger and bolder isn’t always better. In the case of home design, less is very often more. If you want your home to look stunning and immaculate, you need to rid your property of the clutter. Stop letting the kids leave their toys scattered across the floor and stop your partner from buying yet another piece of furniture that you don’t need. It’s just taking up space, and the key to a beautiful picture perfect home is to leave as much free space as possible, creating the cool and clear minimalistic design.

An extra tip would be to consider redesigning your home with laminate or hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is a great possibility as it is easy to maintain and looks modern. It’s also fairly cheap so you should definitely be able to fit it into your budget. You can learn more about laminate flooring on

We hope you use these ideas to make sure your home looks absolutely stunning and totally picture perfect.


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