Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ways To Create A Practical Kitchen With You In Mind

Kitchens are a staple of the home model world: they’re colourful, cosy, modernistic, or you still have your grandmother’s old aga in pride of place. These are all fine options, but are they for you? Is it time to change up the cooking world around you? We all want a kitchen that suits our needs, but keeping it both practical and creative can be a hard balance to achieve. Below are a few ideas on ways for keeping a kitchen designed for its original use, as well as making you feel better about using it.

First of all, you’ll need to know what it is about your kitchen that you like the most and what the common ways in which you use it are. This can be done via the ‘work triangle,’ highlighting the three main ports of any kitchen: the stove, fridge, and sink. Once these steps have been planned out, we can move on to the fun stuff!


Creating A Kitchen On The Larger Side

If you want to open up space in your kitchen, it’s an easier piece of work than you might have thought. It’s a well-quoted but often a misunderstood idea that home remodeling can be a good option for increasing your living space. It can remove unnecessary obstacles in your quest to open up a floor plan and can help you reevaluate what parts of a home can be moved and redesigned better to suit you. Having a ‘U-shaped’ layout is a fantastic way to both maximise and use up space in a larger home, with plenty of storage options due to the amount of cupboards you can fit in both the sides and the middle island. It also allows you to move faster around your kitchen with a set layout and thus you can avoid others enroute.

Reworking A Smaller Space

Many kitchen layouts come in the form of letters. An ‘L-shaped’ kitchen allows you to utilise a tricky corner turn in a room, with plenty of added cabinets in that space for more storage and thus more use out of your kitchen. With this kind of design, any miscellaneous wall space is taken up, and on the other side you can sneak in a nice seating arrangement. With these space elements, it’ll become a great place to host a dinner or be the main hubbub centre in a party.

Giving Your Kitchen An Element Of The Unusual

Depending on your definition of unusual, these ideas can either be big or small. One way to make a kitchen just a little more unusual is to include some wacky colours on the cabinets, like a ‘fire engine’ red or lime green. It’s also a good way to include elements of both the old and new in your kitchen if your cooker is outdated or if you still do have grandmother’s aga.

There are so many ways to recreate a kitchen, so hopefully some of the ideas above gave you a good place to start!


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