Friday, September 15, 2017

Bats in Your Attic? Then Read This!

Have you got bats in your attic? No, I don't mean the little furry black things that come out at Halloween. I mean the ones used to play cricket or baseball. Or maybe you have a load of old tennis rackets and basket balls up there instead? As it's a well-known fact that the attic is often the place that we use to store things that have no other place elsewhere in the home. Meaning it can get stuffed full of clutter and rubbish that we don't need, and generally drive us crazy as it can get so disorganised and messy! The problem is that it is filling storage space that could be utilized in a much better way. So to help you clear out the bats, and any other bits and pieces you no longer want and restore some order to the attic, keep reading.

Steel yourself

First, on the list of things to do is to steel yourself mentally for the task ahead. It's really no good going into this with a relaxed state of mind,  as you really need to purge the stuff and get rid of it once and for all. Prepare yourself for this mentally beforehand, and you will be far more effective in getting your attic space clear.

Safety first

Next, attic spaces are not like the rest of the home. They may not even have boards down, and your stuff can be balanced precariously on beams, and stacked in corners. There can even be exposed insulation, as well as other allergens like dust to be wary of.  So bear this in mind before you venture up there and get yourself a dust mask, and gloves. Also, wear long sleeved clothing and make sure you are aware of where is safe to tread and where isn't.

Snap decisions

Next, you need to be prepared to make snap decisions about what to keep and what to throw. If you are going to spend 30-minutes reminiscing over each item and deciding whether to keep it or not, an attic clear out job can stretch from a day into a week. That means as soon as you see something you need to know whether you will bin it or keep it, so learn to trust your first instinct!

Don't let the rubbish hang around

To make this process even more effective, it's critical that you not keep the things you have earmarked to dispose of around. They need to be got rid of immediately, so they don't end up going back in the attic again. Luckily, finding a cheap skip hire company will provide a quick and easy way to dispose of your waste so you can get it off of your property fast. Thus keeping the space clean and clear.

Use the space for something meaningful


Having a clean and clear space is something that is oh so important for the last stage of the process, as the space can be used for something meaningful, like an attic reading nook or guest room. Then you won't be able to fill it back up with stuff you no longer need and so keep it free of bats, rackets, nets, and everything else in the future.


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