Friday, September 8, 2017

Create a Kitchen That's Bang on Trend


Many real estate agents will tell you that the kitchen is your home’s most valuable asset. As so many families spend so much time in there cooking, eating and entertaining, it is often the first thing they look at when viewing a home, and a bad kitchen can turn them off making a purchase faster than almost anything else. That’s why it’s always worth spending a little money bringing your kitchen up to date from time to time.

If you’re looking to make your kitchen a bit more modern, either for your own benefit, or because you’re planning to sell up in the near future, take a look at these popular kitchen trends that are guaranteed to blow anyone who sees your kitchen away:

Quartz Worktops

When it comes to your kitchen worktops, quality really does matter. Not only because quality worktops look a whole lot better than cheaper options like laminate, but also because they can stand up better to wear and tear. One of the biggest kitchen worktop trends right now is quartz. It’s strong, beautiful and just a bit different, which is exactly what you want in your kitchen.

Patterned Tiles

Kitchen tiles are, of course, a staple in most kitchens, because they’re just so practical. But if you choose patterned tiles, like those you might find in Morocco or Spain, they are also very beautiful, and you can use them to create your own works of art right there on your kitchen walls. Patterned tiles are a popular trend right now, which means there’s a bigger selection than ever before,and they’re much easier to find, so why not take advantage?

Industrial Design

Industrial design, especially in the kitchen, has blown up in the past couple of years, and although it is perhaps more popular in Europe than anywhere else, if you want to remodel your kitchen in dramatic fashion, adopting this trend which is characterised by rustic wood, stone, concrete and copper would be idea. In order to pull off this trend, you have to be willing to go a little minimalist, though, so if you like to have a lot of stuff in your kitchen, perhaps it isn’t for you.

No Handles

The kitchen is a messy place and a place where it’s easy to spread germs if you aren’t careful, so it’s probably not surprising that the latest trend in kitchen units is to do away with the handles, which are a prime breeding ground for nasties, completely. Units that can be gentles pressed when they need to be opened, not only help to fight the spread of germs ( you don’t have to touch them with your hands that have just been preparing raw chicken - an elbow or knee will do), but they also give the kitchen a sleek, minimalist look which can be quite pleasing to the eye.


Kitchens which are decorated in shades of grey, black and white, with chrome accessories are another popular trend right now, and they are good for selling your kitchen because they stand out a bit more from the usual bright, sunny kitchens most people are used to.

Changing up your kitchen to make it more on trend, as you can see, is actually not so difficult, but it is so worth it in terms of your own enjoyment and your home’s saleability.


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