Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How Long Before A Robot Cooks Your Breakfast?

2017 may be the year that will update the old saying: Home is where the heart is. Home, now, is where the high tech comfort, safety, and decor coexist in harmony. As for the heart, it seems that it has eclipsed the equation for the profit of the Millennial requirements: A home that is simple, safe and modern for all; in other words, a home that is the natural extension of a smartphone. The intelligent home is at the core of every homeowner’s dream. Science fiction has long portrayed homes that can cook a yummy breakfast while we get up, do the laundry and the washing up, and maybe even get the garden landscaping on the way. Admittedly artificial intelligence may not be that advanced yet — yes, you still need to mow the lawn yourself — but homes are getting smarter in many ways, using digital, nature and design intelligence to make our lives easier every day.


Simple: The minimalist decor that changes your home

Do you want a lovely home that is fresh and welcoming? No need to answer the question; you probably do. But what you may not realize is that you can quickly create an inviting atmosphere in your home, using nothing else but a minimalist decor. A minimalist decor is a type of interior design that has precisely what you need and nothing more. More importantly, it sets the focus on smart room settings — a clutter-free decor accumulates less dust and therefore less bad odours — and intelligent plants designed to clean the toxins from the air. While the shapes and decor lines are kept to their most simplistic levels, a minimalist decor gives an immediate sensory satisfaction.

Safe: Protect your family

What’s a home if not a place where you and your family can feel safe? That’s exactly why you need to ensure that your home has smart security devices from your smoke alarm to the burglar alarm. Additionally, there are always two steps with each security system: First the installation and then the maintenance, whether you’re considering smoke alarm maintenance or CCTV checks. There’s only so much protection you can expect from an unmaintained device. So, while it can seem dull, it’s best to get all your security systems checked on a yearly basis. Besides, as the security sector never stops innovating, you need to ensure that the intelligent solutions you’ve installed can still provide the best protection.

Modern: There’s no home with gadgets

Alexa, change the lights to blue.
Amazon’s voice service, Alexa, can not only answer questions, but it can also play music, control some of your home settings, and pass Amazon orders for you. The Millennial home is a smart home where you can order your favourite film while sitting on the sofa, just by using your voice. According to the sci-fi world: We’re already living in the future! Admittedly, robots are not yet serving the human race. However, we’ve got smart fridges that can track groceries and expiration dates and reorder food with Alexa. Smart appliances are the essence of the modern home.

The intelligence home looks after itself: It keeps clean through its intelligent decor, protects its inhabitants through a security system and arranges setting and grocery shopping at the sound of your voice. All your home needs to learn now is how to bake the perfect breakfast and bring it to bed!


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