Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?


Most of the time, it's hot because you walked into the room... Obviously. But regardless of how amazing your hair is today, when a house gets too hot, it can be a really uncomfortable environment to live in. Even opening the windows and letting in a breeze won't work if the air is humid outside - no circulation will go through the house in order to keep you cool. So here are some creative tricks to help you instead.

The DIY cool sea breeze

If you're feeling rather clever, get a bowl and fill it up with ice, frozen peas, an ice pack, or whatever you have, and put the bowl in front of a large fan. The air that is created by the fan will pick up the cold air that you have made, and sweep it off in whatever direction you apply it in.

Do the obvious!

If you haven't already got air conditioning installed - go and sort it out! Aircon will give you instant relief to all your sticky problems. The best thing there is on a hot day is to wake up and turn on the ac; you only have to leave it running for a couple of minutes until you feel that cool breeze caress your body

Be smart about your doors

Closing doors to rooms will stop the cool air entering, which is sometimes deliberate, like when using aircon as this will only keep the rooms cool that you're using so no energy is wasted. Although if you know you're going to bed soon, it'd be wise to open the door so that it has time to cool down before you try getting to sleep.

Invest in blackout curtains

Closing your usual blinds and curtains helps to stop the heat from the sun shining through the windows and into your home, but if you want to prevent this even more - go vampire and get yourself some blackout curtains. These works to insulate the room while blocking the sun which can reduce heat gain by a huge thirty-three percent.

Swap your sheets

Sheets, blankets and quilts that are made out of flannel or fleece are great to keep you toasty in the winter, but since you're just too darn hot, switch them for cotton as it breathes easier and will stay cool. Also, consider getting yourself some buckwheat pillows. These have a natural air space inside of them that won't hold onto your body heat like ordinary pillows, even when it's stuffed inside a case.

Start grilling

Using your oven and stove in the summer - no matter how much you love cooking that marinated chicken of yours - will just heat up the kitchen and spread through the house. This isn't what you need! So instead, make the most of this weather and start grilling on your barbecue instead. Not only does it make dinner more fun, but it's a healthier option, and your chicken will still taste divine - if not better!


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