Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Renovation 101

Now that the summer's sun is beating back down, it’s prime time to get some renovation done. We’re sure there are some areas of your home that have been neglected over the colder months, especially your garden. This post is going to go through a few renovation tips to transform your home ready for BBQ season.


Two ideas are going to be spoken about here. One is going to involve a lot of money, the other isn’t. We’ll start with the easiest first. The small bits and bobs that will need tidying up. The kitchen is the first place that needs refreshing. Give it a lick of white paint, and a new lease of life. White is the best colour for a summer kitchen. Grab yourself some handy appliances ready for summer fun. If you’re planning on having a few BBQ’s. Get yourself a blender ready for some tasty summer smoothies or cocktails. If you have curtains or blinds covering the windows, take them down until winter returns. Find yourself a cute wooden chalkboard, nothing too big and hang it on an open wall. They look so nice against a crisp white background, and will be handy for note taking etc. Throw in a pretty indoor plant, and you’ve got yourself a cute kitchen ready for the summer.
In pretty much every area of the house, the same steps in the kitchen can be applied elsewhere. As long as you’re making the area bright and open, and full of different colours that compliment each other, you’re onto a winner. A fresh paint in every room will always do the trick. White is the best for a summer look, if you can afford to splash the cash a little, some black furniture set against the white wall would be perfect. But one more expensive, yet amazing renovation is always the bathroom. The contemporary designs available today are just stunning. You will need a lot of money for this. You’ll need the bathroom set, a skip bin, a fitter, and a lot of time. Try and save money by finding cheaper bin hire and a reliable fitter. The whole bathroom will be gutted out and transformed. It’s long term investment if you wanted to sell the house as well.


Hopefully the outdoors is where you’ll be spending most of your days and evenings. It’ll be the center for a gathering of friends or family. It’s so easy to make it look pretty. Lay down some grass seeds, and look into the cost of sprinklers. It’s hard to maintain the garden on your own, so rather than watering it, sprinklers may be easier. This coupled with the seeds will give you some lush green grass. Then, uproot any dead and old plants, nothing makes a garden prettier than fresh bright looking plants. Go to your local store and you should be able to find an array of colours that will make your garden pop. When you’re there, get a new state of the art BBQ ready for all the fun you’re going to have.


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