Friday, October 20, 2017

The Perfect Home Additions

Your home is what you make of it. Most of you reading this will know how much pride and joy you take into the design of your home. Once everything is perfect, you’ll still find something to change. That’s the true beauty of owning a home, you can recreate its style depending on how your taste varies. There is no better way of doing this than mixing up the little additions you can put in your home. Some will be necessities, some will just be for show. Take a look at what you can do!

Housework aid’s are always handy. There are certain chores we all hate to do. Washing, ironing, hoovering. They’re all necessary evils after a hard day at work. So why not purchase a few things to make it a little easier. Let’s start with Dyson 360 eye. It’s a hoover, that pretty much hoovers for you. Did anything ever sound so perfect? Its camera monitors where it's heading, and it’ll clean every floor from top to toe of the house. As lazy as it may sound, it’s any homeowner's dream, especially if you’re a mother. You can check out similar brands here!

Ironing, this might come as number one of hated household tasks. Like most people, you’re probably the type to let ironing pile up and up until you have an impossible mountain to tackle. But the gods have blessed us with a way of making this a little easier. Try getting yourself a steamer. Give the clothes a quick steam before hanging up, and they’ll look just as if they’ve been ironed. Try the best garment steamer from Steamer Spy and watch the difference it’ll make to your life. You’ll never look back again!


Two practical things out the way with, let's take a look at some aesthetic additions. Now that summer is upon us, your living room will turn into an open airy paradise. Something that’s really quirky to add in is a hammock. They’re ever so cheap, and will easily support you by being attached to the ceiling or wall. Put it by the window and you have the perfect place to relax. It’s a great mix of style and comfort. If you don’t have enough space in the living room, then try putting one up in the garden for an even more relaxed vibe in the summer's sun.

Another funky addition, but also a comfy one, is a sofa bean bag. They’re not as big as you think, and could easily fit in either your room, or the living room. If you have children, it’ll be the highlight of their room for them. They’re so unique but at the same time stylish, give it a try and see what room it suits.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll always be on the hunt for additions to the home. No matter how big or small they are, they always have the power to completely transform any room. Have a look around and see what look works for you, and remember, experimenting is key to a unique home.


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