Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why Does Your House Smell And How Can You Stop It?

Most weird smells in the house have a pretty obvious cause. Maybe it’s something you cooked, or you’ve got a teenager living there, but whatever it is it’s usually pretty easy to sort out. But what about those weird background smells that you just can’t pinpoint? You can spend days turning the whole house upside down to try to find the source and still come up with nothing. Don’t give up just yet, it could be one of these things.


A Leak

If the smell is a damp one, you’ve probably got a leak somewhere. If you can’t find the source, it’s probably in the back of a cupboard or hidden behind some furniture in a corner somewhere. If you leave it, it’s just going to get worse and worse. Employ plumbing services to check all of your pipes and see if they can find any problems. If you leave it then you risk developing a mold problem which is going to make things a whole lot worse.

Old Carpets

Over the years, carpets will soak up all of the bad smells that are lingering around the house. That will all build up gradually and each one of those smells will add together to form an overall bad stench. You can try giving the carpets a deep clean but if they’re particularly old then it might be too late. You’ll have to bite the bullet and just replace all of the carpets in the house if you want to make things fresh again.

Electrical Problems

The smell of cooking fish sticks around for a while but that smell can come from something else. Dodgy electrics give out a smell that is surprisingly similar to old fish. The plastic on the wires gives out the odor if it’s too hot but most people don’t notice because they think it’s just cooking smell. That doesn’t mean you should call an electrician every time you’ve cooked a fish but if the smell sticks for weeks afterwards maybe you’ve got a problem somewhere.

Hot Water Heater

Experts recommend that you replace the anode rod in your hot water heater every five years. Most people haven’t heard of an anode rod, let alone had it replaced regularly. If you don’t though, it’ll start giving out a bad smell. It sometimes smells like a gas leak so it’s worth getting checked. The best way to tell whether it’s your hot water heater is to turn the taps on and see if the smell gets worse. It’s also worth checking whether it’s stronger when you’re near the sinks. All you’ll need to do is get somebody to check your plumbing and change it for you and the smell should disappear overnight.

Old Dishwasher

A dishwasher is meant to make life easier but when you’ve had yours for a few years it might become more of a hindrance. It’s pretty easy for it to get clogged up with bits of old food and it’ll all build up into a stinky mush that starts to rot over the years. All of that smell will start to seep out into the house. The best way to avoid it is to rinse everything off before you put it in but if you’re too lazy for that and you’ve left it too long, you’ll probably need to buy a new dishwasher.

Nobody wants to go to a house that stinks, so if you’ve got an odor problem, sort it out now.


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