Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Accessorise Your Living Room to Perfection

There are those who say that when you’re staging your home for sale, you should remove every inch of personality from it; you should leave it as a completely open, minimalist space that the buyers can easily imagine filling with their own stuff. I disagree.

Although I do think that you should clear out the clutter, and perhaps take down the personal photographs and momentoes, the kids toys and any signs of your smelly, yet loveable pooch, I don’t think you should leave the place completely devoid of personality.

In the living room, in particular, it’s nice to leave a few little touches that show potential buyers how cosy the place can be. Here are some simple ways you can do that with just a few accessories:

Place a Plant or Two

House plants add natural vibrancy to the room, and they help to purify the air, which means they’ll definitely give your living room the right feel when you’re trying to sell up.

A Roomy Rug

If you have wooden or tiled floors, then placing a large rug in the living room can add a little warmth, which is sure to be appreciated. Just try to keep it fairly neutral in tone, so that it doesn’t make the room look too busy.

A Wooden Coffee Table

Placing a nice, expensive looking wooden coffee table on the edge of the rug will make it easy for viewers to picture themselves kicking back with a cold one at the end of a long day, and that will surely endear them to your home.

A Simple Clock and Mirror

Keeping your personal pictures on the wall might not be the best idea because it will make it harder for potential buyers to picture the space as their own, but bare walls can feel a bit barren. That’s why adding one of these Dutch time pieces is a good idea. A mirror, is also an essential wall decoration, not only because it makes the room feel less cold. But also because it creates the illusion that the living room is bigger than it actually is.

Lots of Lighting

Lighting conditions can make a room look bigger and brighter, or smaller and dingier depending on the time of day and that means that you need to have all bases covered by installing various different types of lighting, from uplighters to candles, so you can always create the optimum conditions for viewing.

Speaking of candles, pick some lightly scented ones (nothing too strong), and the space will always smell amazing when people come around to view it.

Pillows and Throws

Placing a few plush pillows and throws on your furniture is a simple way to convey the cosiness of your living room without going overboard. Again, choose more neutral tones, to ensure you don’t put people off, and perhaps only use throws during the winter, when people will be thinking more of cosiness.


Last, but not least, ensure that you have a good set of blinds, which help to keep the room cool and comfortably shaded from the sun if you want your living room to be a perfect selling point.

With these accessories in your living room, it’ll practically sell itself!


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