Monday, December 4, 2017

Create A Good First Impression With Your Hallway

The hallway is the first taster people get of your home. Whether you want to impress guests or attract buyers, it can often be worth putting some thought into the d├ęcor of this space. Here are just a few ways to wow people as they enter.

Decorate your walls

First, you want to consider the walls. A new coat of paint can work wonders in the hallway – it’s the most common place to find scuff marks made from people carrying things through this narrow space. Bright colours are great for giving a warm and inviting feels – think yellows and oranges. A neutral white paint can meanwhile help to reflect light if your hallways feels a bit gloomy (look for glossy paints that reflect the light more). It could be worth hiring a professional company such as BJC house painters, especially for dealing with high walls on stairs. A professional company may also be able to recommend the best types of paint.

You can also consider wallpaper, although intricate patterns in a tight space may make it feel more claustrophobic in some cases. Landscape wallpapers of trees or mountains or a city skyline can contrastingly add depth to a room.

Make it feel bigger with mirrors

Another trick for making your hallways feel more spacious is to add mirrors. These can create the feeling that the hallway is twice as wide as it actually is. A full size mirror is best for this purpose. Mirrors will also help to make the hallway brighter by reflecting light.

Contain clutter

Hallways can often collect clutter such as post, shoes and coats. Find neat ways of containing this clutter so that the hallways feels less crowded and messy. A coat hanger or hooks is likely to look neater than piling jackets onto a bannister. For shoes, buy a rack, or go one step further and store them away in a chest so that they’re out of sight.

Avoid large obstructions

Be careful of placing furniture in your hallway as it could make it overly crowded and be an inconvenience when moving items in. Opt for tall but shallow storage solutions that don’t take up too much hallway width. Also avoid plants that are overly leafy as these will make the hallway feel more crowded too.

Use the space under the stairs

If you’ve got a staircase, make adequate use of the space beneath. In many homes this is simply a storage room for hiding clutter. However, it could be a downstairs bathroom, useful for when you have visitors staying. It could even be a walk-in cloakroom or wardrobe. Many companies that do loft conversion such as RSJ Loft Conversions also do under stair conversions. If you are attempting it yourself, take into account the structural integrity of the stairs – not all spaces may be suitable for converting.


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