Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Moving Day Nightmares: How To Expect The Unexpected

You did hire the removal company, right?  

Moving day is upon you, and despite the typical stresses that are common to many of us, you have made sure everything is organised. The house sale has gone through, and you are ready to move in. You’ve labelled all of your boxes, and they are ready to be loaded onto the van. A cleaning team has valiantly faced the mess in your home and made everything spic and span, ready for the new residents. Everything is fine, and surely nothing can go wrong from this point on. Wrong! Always expect the unexpected, as disaster can strike at any time. The following are just some of the predicaments you may face on moving day.

Mother Nature

Problem: The big day has arrived, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Snowstorms/torrential rain/scorching heatwave/dense fog (delete as appropriate). The weather can play havoc with your moving day plans, making the journey to your new destination unsafe, for you and your belongings. Dark clouds don’t always have a silver lining.

Tip: Depending on where you live, you probably have an idea of the possible climate you will be facing within each season. Therefore, plan moving day accordingly, booking the removal service and time off work for a period when weather conditions can be expected to be manageable. Failing that, keep an eye on the weather forecasts. They don’t always get it right, but if you do hear of bad weather approaching, you may prefer to postpone moving day, despite the extra expense, until another day. God bless Mother Nature!

A bad removal company

Problem: Despite the promises of your friend who (deep breath) knows a guy who has a brother who has a sister who has a neighbour who is married to a guy with a van (phew), you may not be guaranteed the most reliable of moving services. They may not turn up, and when they do, they may have less care for your belongings than they do for their van when it trundles up your road blowing exhaust fumes everywhere.

Tip: Always hire a professional, even if they aren’t the cheapest people around. Quality always matters as you don’t want your prized possessions getting damaged en route. You are saving yourself a lot of trouble if you do your research first, asking more reliable friends for advice, or hiring experienced folks, such as those at AIR Network Removalists. Decent removal companies will always have a backup plan should something go wrong, and they will be upfront with you about their costs and services. For peace of mind, you don’t want to go with anybody else, especially that guy with the van we mentioned earlier.

Accidents and injuries

Problem: Moving day is stressful enough without a trip to the hospital to scupper your best-laid plans. People tripping over the clutter on your walkway, family members lifting boxes that are too heavy for them, and wearing high heels when you’re back and forth to the house, are all accidents waiting to happen.

Tip: If you have hired a removal company, let them get on with their job and stay out of the way. If you are keen on helping, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing and make sure any obstacles are cleared in and out of your house. Then take your time. You’re not superhuman, so don’t do everything in a rush. Provided you have organised everything ahead of time; you will be able to move at your own pace, instead of running around frantically in your hurry to be away.

Bottom line

You can’t be prepared for everything on moving day, but sometimes, common sense is all you need when you are making your plans. In any case, if you are moving soon, good luck, and we hope all goes well.


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