Thursday, February 22, 2018

Home Maintenance Jobs That Just Need Doing

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There are plenty of jobs that you need to do you around the house in order to keep it in a good condition. If you neglect do to do these maintenance jobs, then you can start to have issues with your home and you do not want this to happen. With that in mind, here are some home maintenance jobs that just need doing.

Airing The House

Airing the house is important because other damp can build up and this, in turn, can cause mold to grow. You don’t want this, so be sure to air your house often. You can do this by simply opening the windows for a few hours every day. In the colder months, you are going to want to put the heating on first as this will ensure that the room doesn’t get overly cold and that the hot air helps to push out all of the moisture in the room. If you are struggling with damp, then you should invest in a dehumidifier. This will help to filter the moisture out of the air in your house and help it to be less damp. A dehumidifier is especially good in places that are hard to air such as the garage or loft areas. Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that you are airing your house properly.

Vacuum Cleaning

It is important to vacuum your house often. If you do not, then you will have a build up of dust particles. This means that your house will continue to grow dirtier. However, vacuuming is often not enough. You will also need to dust your house as well. You should make sure that you dust before vacuuming, so that you can get up as much dust as possible. If you do not dust before vacuuming, then you might get all the dirt off the floor, but you are likely leaving dust on the rest of the house. It is best do this often as it will mean that is a far smaller job. If you leave it too long, then you are likely going to find that the longer you leave it, the longer it takes to complete. In order to avoid this, vacuum often.

Clean Gutters

While cleaning your gutters might not be the most interesting or exciting job in the world, it does need doing. You might want to enlist your children or a neighbor to do it for you if you don’t have time, but the important thing is that it gets done. The reason for this is that your gutters will gradually get clogged up with leaves, dirt and other debris throughout the year. This can mean that when it rains, instead of running down your gutters the rainwater can go in through your roof. This can cause all kinds of problems such as water damage and damp. You do not want either of these to happen, so make sure that you clean your gutters out every now and again.


It is entirely normal for a house to need some kind of repairs every now and again. This might be fixing the garage door or doing some leaking shower repairs. Either way, you probably have something that you really need to get around to fixing. You should try to make sure that you get these kinds of jobs done as soon as possible. The longer you leave something, the worse it can get. Something that could have been a simple and easy fix can turn into some far more complicated and expensive. If you do not know how to fix whatever it is that is broken, then you can always call in professional help. You might not have the time, patience or knowledge to fix the problem, so you should rely on professionals to do it for you.

Chimney Cleaned

If you have a chimney, then you need to get it cleaned every so often. This is because, over time leaves, dirt and other debris can fall into your chimney. This, in turn, can start to block it and mean that the smoke from your fireplace isn’t going through. If this is the case, then the smoke will have nowhere else to go but back into your own home. You do not want this to happen, so you need to get your chimney cleaned regularly. You are likely better off hiring a professional as they will have all of the necessary equipment and skills to clean your chimney quickly and easily.

Windows Cleaned

You are going to want to clean both the inside and outside of your windows regularly. This is because over time they will become dirty and you will not be able to see out of them as easily. Dirty windows give a bad impression of your house, and you do not want this. You can hire somebody to clean the outside of your windows every week as they are the ones that are most likely to be the dirtiest. This means that you will need to clean the inside every so often to keep them clean.


Your garden is as much a part of your house as your living room, and it should be treated as such. This means that you will want to spend some time maintaining your garden. This might mean planting new flowers or other plants, or it might mean mowing the grass. If you have flower beds, then you are going to want to make sure that you weed the garden regularly. If you do not, then weeds are going to grow in your garden, and they will ruin the look and feel of your garden. However, gardening should be a fun and relaxing activity, so you can take your time and enjoy yourself. Alternatively, if you do not have time, then you can always hire a gardener to come and look after it for you. Whatever, you decide you need to make sure that your garden is maintained as much as the rest of your house.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Action Stations! Responding To A Water Leak

You come home one day, and there’s a certain change in the physical atmosphere. It's a little humid,
yet it's cold too. You walk further in, and you see cracks, the wallpaper bubbling and flaring off as
well as dark patches. You observe the floor, and you’re confronted with standing pools of water.
A sense of urgency to find out what happened consumes you. It's definitely an internal leak. You
notice the signs of a busted pipe in the plumbing and or walls. So what do you do now? The situation
described may not be entirely what you experience when a water leak takes over your home.
However, the seriousness of the occurrence is going to need the same level of urgency. Your home
is an investment after all, and like a sinking ship, it needs to be salvaged as much as possible and
quickly. First, you need to know the signs of such a leak and then how to respond effectively.

Image by Ed!

Signs of weakening

One of the easiest ways to spot a leak is that your wallpaper begins to bubble and separate from
the wall. The other telltale sign is cracking. Cracks in the corners of a room will most likely be
structural issues, but if they appear nearer to the center of the wall, then it's in internal weakening.
This is most likely going to be because a water pipe is running through the wall, is leaking and
being absorbed into the material. Equally, if you sense the floor is a little soft, squishy and much
more lenient to bending, the liquid is being absorbed from somewhere.

Credit B137

Basement flooding

It's not uncommon for homes to have their water tank housed in the basement rather than the
attic. If you suffer a burst pipe here, because of the location of the tank the home will begin to
flood from the inside out. With haste, contact a company like Slater Pumps that has a selection of
water pumps. Using the pump, you can rapidly shift the water from the basement and or ground
floor to the outside of your home; preferably a nearby drain or in your garden. They have pumps
that are great for moving standing water, as well as water from inside containers such as the water
tank. Buying cheap in this area is like shooting yourself in the foot. Draining can take hours and
hours sometimes, so look for high quality and industry standard pumps.

Train your family

It's odd, but it may come in handy to train your family in quick response procedures. If sudden leak
sprouts, someone needs to put pressure and or block the damaged pipe from spewing the water.
One of the adults or older children needs to go then turn the electricity off from the mains. Next, you
need to turn the water coming into the home off too. Then begin laying down towels and start to
remove valuables out of the affected room. Then all you can do is either replace the pipe or call in
an expert to assess the serious damage.

It's a nightmare that no family wants, but almost none are actually prepared for. Don’t be a victim
of your own home. Water leaks are very rare, and most of the time, they take a long time to get to
that point. Therefore by knowing and looking out for signs of a water leak from time to time could
save you all the bother.


Friday, February 9, 2018

What Creatures Can You Share Your Home With?

Once upon a time, we were living out in the wild with all the other animals. Now we have modern civilisation human beings are increasingly shutting themselves inward. But this cannot be any way to live properly. Nature and wildlife are a part of who we are as a species. We should admire and study creatures whom we share this planet with. Yet when we’re at home, we are consumed by television, talking with friends and family online, playing video games and all another manner of things. Does this new introvert habit really have to be the future for us? First, off whether you like it or not, you’re never really a few feet away from other living creatures in the home anyway. Allowing wildlife to coexist with you in your home is an honourable task worth chasing.

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Giving birds a home

First, we must realize human civilization has been built on land that many creatures once called home. Therefore they have to go somewhere so more often than not wildlife will find a way into your home. If you don’t want them living inside, surely you can provide them with a home instead. Birds love man-made nesting homes. A simple wooden box with a round hole in the middle will suffice. Inside they can rear their young and also you can watch and observe their daily lives. Equally, you could provide them with feeders and stuff them full of high in protein and fat nuts to feast on.

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Toleration up to a point

Hey, you may admire many insects but certain kinds you just don’t want running about your home. Spiders are wonderfully complex creatures, and sure they do leave their webs lying around which attract dust and get annoying. But, they’re essentially just looking for a place to hunt. For some reason, they can think that a warm and dark corner of a room is the perfect place to catch their prey. Obviously, it's not, but spiders tend to stick around anyway. Trouble can arise when they are poisonous, very large, laying egg sacs and creating many cobwebs around your home. A decent pest removal company will offer services of not just capturing the current crop that is in your home, but also provide you with preventive measures. Another important measure they will take is safely removing them and not disrupting the local ecosystem. Spiders do eat other critters that can cause you problems so getting rid of just one spider indefinitely, isn’t wise.

Roaming rodents

Rodents can be a nuisance especially if they’re large and territorial. However, they don’t mean humans any harm for the most part. In fact, they’re far more scared of you than you are of them. Rodents venture into people’s home looking for food. Due to the modern diet of fatty and carbohydrate snacks, rodents often lurk around bins. Instead of giving them a chance to enter your home, make sure you are securely managing your waste. Leaving it out in the open will attract mice, fowl and rats, so be warned. They won’t show up where they know the food isn’t just lying around.

We’re surrounded by nature and wildlife even if in our cosy homes, it doesn't feel like it. Coexisting with critters and creatures is a peculiar balance which isn’t often achieved. However knowing why and how they behave, can save you a lot of head scratching in the future.