Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Protecting Your Home Without Going All Kevin McCallister

Ahh, Home Alone. The good old family film about negligent parents and torturing a couple of burglars. Doesn’t it just warm your heart...  
Let’s not kid ourselves, the thought of protecting your castle by setting a load of booby traps is pretty cool. Besides, it’d be a great way to get rid of the unwanted junk that’s been collecting dust in the attic for over five years. Alas, if history has taught us anything, it’s that this type of sadistic activity will turn you a little strange. For further evidence, cast your attention to the biography of a certain Mr Culkin.    
Prevention is always the best form of protection, and here’s all you need to know... ya filthy animals.  
Don’t Leave Goods On Display
Home Alone is set around Christmas time, so obviously there are plenty of new products just waiting to be stolen. This is something that the Wet Bandits knew, which is why they wanted the McCallister’s house. While it’s only a film, it’s not uncommon for real burglars to do their research. And this rings true throughout the whole year.
With this in mind, it pays to avoid letting passersby see inside the home. From translucent window films to installing roller blinds, those investments can make a world of difference. Let’s face it; those additions will enhance the appearance of the home for your family too.    
Meanwhile, it’s equally important to keep windows locked and doors secured. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the hassle of using heated door knobs and falling irons.  

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Invest In Modern Tech
Back in 1990, the fictional McCallister’s had an excuse for not using modern surveillance. After all, home CCTV facilities were almost unheard of. Fast forward to the modern day, and even the latest tech systems cost less than a night out watching your favourite theatre show or sports team. Frankly, every home should embrace those remotely monitored resources.  
Further additions can include automated gates and voice intercom systems. Motion sensing lights can be another highly beneficial addition. If you’re not going to be around for a few days, using timers to set the lights and other tools can make it seem that someone is home.  
If only little Kevin lived in 2018, he could’ve saved so much hassle. Then again, that would’ve made for a pretty naff film.  
Show Burglars That You’re In Charge
Ok, so you could argue that little Kevin did a pretty good job of controlling Harry and Merv. And if there’s one lesson we can learn from the classic flick, it’s that it pays to be on good terms with the neighbours. While looking out for each other is one thing, it’s far better to get your own house in order.  
As well as investing in those security features, you should place signs and stickers to show that you have those items installed. This should serve as a huge deterrent. On a similar note, you must pay attention to garages and outhouses. When combined with the use of anti-climb paints and sturdy garden fencing, you will not go far wrong.    

It might not be quite as fun as seeing Joe Pesci losing his hair to a flamethrower. But if it allows you to sleep easier at night, it’s probably the better solution. With all that added peace and quiet, you’ll be able to sit back and do the things you love. Like watching Harry and Merv fail to beat an eight-year-old kid for the 5001st time.


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