Friday, April 27, 2018

15 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Are you ready to sell your home? Chances are, you’re probably not. Although it is possible to put your house on the market and sell it as it is, you’re much more likely to get a good offer if you properly prepare. After all, very few people are going to want to pay very much for a house that’s covered in dust, has a leaking roof, and smells like onions. Of course, your home may not have any of these problems, but, more often than not, there will be a few issues that you haven't considered. To help you make a sale, and get the best price you can, here are fifteen things that you can do to prepare your home.

1. Clean Every Inch

If you want someone to buy your house, then you need to clean as if your life depended on it; A quick once over just before viewings start is not enough. You need to do all of your usual chores and more, including vacuuming every room, dusting everywhere, cleaning all of your windows inside and out, scrubbing out your oven, and polishing anything reflective, like mirrors and taps. If you don’t have the time or patience for this, then hire a cleaning service for the day.

2. Clear Away Clutter

Messy and cluttered rooms look small, which is going to be unappealing to potential buyers, and distract them from how great your home actually is. Because of this, it’s important to move and hide anything that doesn’t enhance the space. In fact, you could use this as an opportunity to get rid of some stuff that you no longer want or need. Things like ornaments, books, DVDs, toys, and plants can all crowd a room, so pay specific attention to these belongings.

3. Fix Structural Issues

You should never try to hide the fact that your home has structural issues. More often than not, you will be caught out, and this will make you appear untrustworthy, so no one will want to buy from you. Instead, contact a structural engineer, identify all of the issues your home may have, and have them fixed as soon as you can. This can be a pretty expensive job, but it will be worth it for the value that it adds to your home.  

4. Tackle Your To-Do List

Every homeowner has a list of jobs that they know they need to do, but never get around to, like fixing the leaky tap in the kitchen or replacing the cracked tile in the bathroom. While these random imperfections might not bother you, they will bother your buyers, and as such, will negatively impact the value of your home. Little jobs like this can be completed quickly and cheaply, so don’t put them off any longer.

5. Sort The Smells

If you have a viewing first thing in the morning, then the last thing that you should do is cook spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight. Sure, it probably tastes amazing, but the garlic and onions don’t smell great, and will, unfortunately, linger for a while. If you’re going to cook, then make something with a “homey” smell, like bread or cookies. This will also give you something to leave out for your buyers, to sweeten them up a little.

6. Keep It Neutral

You might love your bright purple bedroom and orange dining room, but a large portion of your viewers won’t share your taste and style, and as such will be put off by your bold choices. Because of this, it’s probably best that you repaint each of your rooms with more neutral colours, like white, tan, and cream. This allows buyers to see really see the rooms’ potential, and picture what they would do with it if they were living there.

7. Depersonalise Each Room

If you’ve got your children’s paintings stuck on the fridge, your wedding photographs on the walls, and holiday souvenirs on the mantle, then you need to take them all down. Your buyers don’t want to see them, and, in fact, could be put off completely by them. They want to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, and this is impossible to do when your personal things are everywhere to be seen. Don’t ruin their vision, and risk not making a sale.

8. Let The Light In

Natural light can really transform a room, and as such is something that most buyers are on the lookout for. Because of this, you need to let as much natural light into your home as possible, by opening all of the curtains and blinds. You should also prune any trees that may be casting shadows over the windows. If there are any dark areas in your home, then illuminate them with floor and table lamps, to make rooms look larger and more inviting.

9. Tidy Your Closets

Most buyers are on the lookout for homes with plenty of storage space, so if yours checks this box, then you’re more likely to get a better offer. However, if your closets are untidy and stuffed full of junk, then it will seem as though there isn’t enough storage space after all. To remedy this, you should remove anything you don’t need from your closets, and tidy up what’s left using dividers and boxes, to make everything more organised.

10. Pick A Purpose

Using a spare room in your home as an office, gym, guest bedroom, and closet may work for you and your family, but it will only ever look messy to buyers and completely confuse them. You need to give each room in your home a specific purpose and stage the space to showcase this. Your realtor will give your viewers plenty of information on your home and suggest alternative ways that they can use each room, so you don’t have to.

11. Move Your Pets

Your buyers may be animal lovers, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be greeted by your dogs when they step through the door. In fact, they probably don’t want to be greeted by your cat, rabbit, or pet mouse either. If you can find someone to look after them, it’s always best that your animals are out of the house when someone is viewing it. This way, there are no distractions, and your home won’t be covered in animal fur.

12. Create A Spa

A practical and relaxing bathroom is a huge selling point for homes, so it makes sense for you to make yours look as beautiful and luxurious as you possibly can. Although you could completely renovate the room, this isn’t necessary, as you can easily create a spa-like haven on a budget. All you need to do is add a few scented candles here and there, place neatly stacked towels near the bath, and add a bathmat and shower curtain that coordinated with the colour scheme.

13. Boost Your Kerb Appeal

First impressions matter, which is why the exterior of your home needs to look just as beautiful and inviting as the interior. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to accomplish this and boost your kerb appeal. The first thing that you need to do is mow the lawn and remove any weeds. Then you can start cleaning out the gutters, pruning the shrubs, and repainting the door and window frames. You might also want to replace the knocker and numbers on your door.

14. Have A Test Run

It’s vital that your buyers can move from room to room without bumping into or tripping over any furniture. If they do, it will cast a shadow over the entire house tour, and make your home appear small and cramped. To avoid this, you should do a house tour test run, and go around your house as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it. If anything gets in the way or otherwise interrupts the flow of the tour, then you can move or remove it before it becomes a problem for your viewers.

15. Go Somewhere Else

Once you’ve got your home looking ship-shape, it’s time to get out and go somewhere else. You may want to stick around to keep an eye on things, but your estate agent can handle this themselves. If you hover over potential buyers, then you’re going to make them feel awkward, and they’ll focus on you much more than they do your home. This makes the viewing a complete waste of time and makes it highly unlikely that you’ll get any offers.

If you want your home to sell for a decent price, then you can’t just list it and then immediately start taking viewings. You need to give yourself some time to repair any damages, make any changes you need to, and clean the house from top to bottom. Although you may be able to make a sale without much work at all, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a good deal, so remember this advice and get to work.


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