Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Adding Rustic Touches to a Modern Home

Modern homes are all about incorporating technology and smart devices into our everyday lives. From waking up to a smartphone to ordering food on a fridge display, there are many modern advances that have helped to shape our lives and make them easier to live. However, because of all these modern touches and futuristic aesthetics, it’s become difficult to add rustic touches to our homes.

But it’s not all lost. You can add rustic touches to any modern home if you’re willing to challenge modern decor styles and be a little adventurous.

Modern Fireplaces

Did you know that there are modern wood heaters available? Instead of exposing the flames like a regular old fireplace, you can now inject some nostalgic decor into your home by adding a modern fireplace instead. These are simpler to install, they can be built into walls or they can be made free-standing. You can view to check out a fantastic range of wood heaters that add some rustic charm to your home even if you’ve loaded it with modern amenities and decor styles.

Using Wood

Wood is one of the most rustic materials you can use. However, you don’t need to invest lots of money into actual wooden furniture. There are plenty of wooden covers that you can add over walls, and you can get cheaper wooden furniture that isn’t necessarily the strongest material, but unless you’re loading shelves and cupboards with heavy objects then you can get by with something less expensive. If you’re quite the hoarder then a couple of extra wooden shelves or a wooden cabinet can add some beautiful rustic charm and also solve a storage issue.

Brick Walls

Brick is another beautiful rustic material that can be infused into any modern home. In fact, many modern residences use brick walls to create a more rustic feeling that merges perfectly with more contemporary design flairs. However, you don’t need to physically have bricks in your home because they’re heavy, expensive and a pain to maintain. Instead, why not use brick slips? Check out places such as for lightweight brick facings that can be installed with a simple adhesive. You can transform any wall in your home with a brick slip and make it look ten times more rustic and traditional.

Random is Good

Not everything in your home needs to follow a cohesive style. Something interesting about rustic homes is that they’ll often mix and match lots of different types of antiques and patterns. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with using different styles of wall or floor tile, and experiment with wall paintings, antiques and other displayable items to create something new and refreshing in your home.

Adding rustic touches to a modern home isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s certainly a lot of fun and can allow you to unleash your creative side. Hopefully, these tips have given you a good foundation to start introducing more rustic touches to your modern home.


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