Thursday, May 31, 2018

10 Finishing Touches That Take Your Interiors To The Next Level


When it comes to creating killer interiors that not only you love, but that others will too, you have to be practical. It’s not just enough to look at decor that you like, and to think about the things that go with your personal tastes. More often than not, you have to be objective. This can definitely be hard when you’re trying to stage your home. You may find that you’re naturally drawn to the things that you like. But, unless you’re an interior designer, it can be hard to see what each piece is going to look like as part of a finished design. Because this can take work. You’ll definitely get there is you’re determined enough to try, but it’s not easy to really figure out what will make a space pop.

Whether you realize it or not, you really do have to focus on the finishing touches. It’s this that will help you to achieve a killer look. And when your goal is to sell your home, you can have more riding on this. When you’ve pulled a room together, it may not quite feel the part. So you think you have to change it. But you may not have to. Sometimes, you just have to work to bring the finished look together. And it’s your finishing touches that can make this happen. So here are ten that you should look to when you need to bring the entire decor together.

1. Work With Lighting

The first thing to turn to is lighting. If you know that a room just doesn’t look right at the moment, maybe the lighting is off? Or maybe you need to get more light into the space? If you’re dealing with a small, dark place, it’s the lighting tactics that can often really turn things around for you. Try out different lamps and lighting fixtures to see what’s going to work out best for you and what will bring the look together.

2. Focus On Your Fabrics

Next, you need to look at your fabrics. Think about what kind of materials you’re using in each room. If you don’t have many, then this is going to make the rooms like harsh. However, when you’ve got the right fabrics and soft furnishings in each room, you’ll find that the look can soften. You can also add color to a room this way, bring a more cozier feel in, and just make it more enjoyable to be in too.

3. Work In Different Textures

As you’re doing that, you should also think about the textures that you’re using. Sometimes, a combination of different textures can really bring a room together. When you’re using metallics and silks, or woods and faux fur, you can often create a really striking effect. Don’t go too overboard, but think about what materials and textures will work together to bring the space alive.


4. Create A Gallery Wall

One thing that can really add some exciting to a space is a gallery wall. If you have a room that seems very empty and unfinished, simple bringing together a design on one of the walls could be all it takes for you to bring in some fun. Look into framing options, like, that will work with your decor. Then choose a theme for the imagery and style out the space to see what the finished look will be like.

5. Use Mirrors

At the same time, you may find that mirrors can be fun to play around with. If you are dealing with a lack of life, working in a mirror can add a feel of openness. It can also help you to reflect light and make a room feel bigger. If you want to make a bit of a feature wall, decorating with mirrors can help you to do this too.

6. Decorate With Flowers

From here, you might also want to think about how flowers and plants can liven up the space. Perhaps you more of a homely feel, or you just want to inject some color? Flowers can definitely do that. And they don’t have to be real (although they will look pretty if they are). Try to bring at least one form of flowers or a plant into each room, and you should find that it feels much more complete.

7. Create Atmosphere

As a step on from that, you’re going to want to think about how you can create some atmosphere from room to room. If you're going to make sure that your place is welcoming, these tips should be a great help. Just ensure that you’re doing it lightly and not overwhelming the space.


8. Focus On Comfort

Looking to create a warm finish can really help you here. Even when you’re trying to do something edgy or luxury, keeping things too cold can mean the look seems really harsh. Again, if you’re trying to sell the place, then buyers may not be able to see themselves here. So think about how you create a warm room with your finishing touches instead.

9. Keep Decorative Touches Generic

As you’re working in any decorative touches, just make sure that you don’t go too personal with them. This will not only make the space feel a little quirky, but it will stop others from seeing themselves there. So try to bring in touches that are more generic and will work with the design theme you’re going for.

10. When All Else Fails

Head to Pinterest. On Pinterest, you’re always going to be met with a ton of inspiration to help you finish off that room. Maybe you’re just missing one key piece, but you have no idea what it is yet? When you seek out inspiration, suddenly you may just realize that it clicks! But you won’t know until you keep on looking for styles that speak to you.


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