Sunday, May 27, 2018

Family Staging: How To Reel In The Best Buyers

In your life, you may be a couple who are never planning on having kids. The thing is, you’re trying to sell a four-bedroom house, which means that you need to appeal to the buyers out there that will be looking for family homes to buy. Selling a house is all about faking it; so, if you’re trying to sell a family home when there’s only two of you, then you have to fake it until you make it! Selling your house to someone looking for a family home is going to mean that you have to stage it to look more family friendly. This can be difficult if your personal taste is all angled, smart edges and grey chrome, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Living in a neighbourhood with a plethora of young families means that your staging has to be accurate to fit the area. Focusing on children in the home without throwing toys and games everywhere is going to be a priority for you; you’ll easily attract the right buyers doing it that way! o, how can you stage your house correctly for the right kind of buyers?

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  • Highlight Family Areas. There may only be two of you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t highlight the home for the family. The dining furniture that you use for two could be laid for four, for example, with a beautiful floral centrepiece arranged for viewings. Highlight the extra bedrooms as space for children to be by advertising the four bedrooms as being family sized ones.
  • Local Information. You should think about doing some research into the local area schools, because parents will always factor in the school catchment areas when it comes to deciding where they would want to live. Families often house-hunt based on the school system, rather than find a house before looking for a school. Put together an information pack to hand out when people come to your open house, and you will be looked at more favourably by buyers.
  • Do Up The Backyard. Families always look for a big open space, big enough to entertain family and entertain the kids at the same time. Kids need space to play and run, ensure that your back garden is mowed and pruned to perfection. Swimming pools should be gated, so that you can show the safety features on offer for families.
  • Stage A Den. Kids need a space that is just for them, and if you can carve out a little space for the kids, you can sell to families a lot better. Families want to be able to see you using the space as they would, as you’re marketing to them. Setting up a small den or TV room with throw pillows and blankets, an even a small refrigerator will appeal to families with older children especially.

If you can’t get all of this right because you’re unsure of what a family would look for, hire in a professional staging company to do it all for you!


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