Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Handful of Old-School Hobbies to Enjoy at Home

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Your home’s a pretty cool place, right? After all, that’s where you keep your bed, your TV, your computer, and even your coffee machine. Yep, where would you be without home sweet home?

The thing is, while there’s a nearly endless number of ways in which you can make your home a more relaxing and exciting place to be — ranging from grabbing a new air conditioning unit from, to getting a new leopard-print sofa set in — most of us struggle to actually think of things to do when we’re at home.

That is, most of us struggle to think of things to do at home that don’t involve getting instantly lost in one of the many digital devices found in pretty much all homes today.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have some more old-school hobbies to keep you entertained during those rainy weekends stuck indoors? If so, how about these for starters?

Stamp collecting

Stamp collecting was probably a slightly wilder and more active hobby back in the days when most people communicated with each other using good old snail mail. Even today, however, you shouldn’t underestimate how fun and engaging this four-eyed Victorian-era hobby can still be.

Stamp collecting is one of those hobbies that comes with a full toolkit to make you feel properly immersed. You’ll need a special stamp-collectors book, to catalogue and store your collection, you’ll probably want to have specialist tweezers and a magnifying glass to protect the stamps when handling them (and to check for signs that you’re dealing with some ultra-rare and expensive relic), and you’ll probably want book on how to get started and keep the hobby going.

You can start your stamp collection by steaming or soaking stamps off the postcards and letters you get in the mail, or you can buy bundles of old letters or stamps online. Before too long you may even be bidding for collector’s items at auctions.

Tabletop gaming

Tabletop gaming is pretty much as nerdy as hobbies get, but there are some real and good reasons why you might want to try them out, instead of spending your spare time playing video games like a cool kid.

For one thing, tabletop gaming like Dungeons and Dragons, or various war-games, engage your imagination like pretty much nothing else.

You may start feeling a bit awkward about having your imaginary elven druid character walk through an imaginary forest landscape, but before too long, you’ll be seeing the world in vivid detail.

Tabletop gaming is also a great way to bring your friends and family together in real time, and to make your nerdy hobbies more directly social.


How about liberating your inner mountain man, and sitting on the porch of your home doing some whittling after a hard day of work?

Woodworking is one of those hobbies that can be both immensely fulfilling, but also seriously useful. You may start by carving a wooden egg to put on your mantelpiece, but in a short space of time you might feel up to putting together bookshelves, or even building yourself a new desk.

You could even become skilled enough at this hobby to begin attending fairs, selling your wares, and making a tidy side-profit as a result.

Also, if you’ve ever struggled growing a beard, this will likely help big time.


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