Saturday, June 30, 2018

Looking To Upgrade Your House? Start With Your Kitchen

Upgrading a house takes some time and effort. It’s something that can cost you a lot of money, if you’re going all out with your renovation, or it’s something that can be done on a strict budget. Either way, it can add value and a lot of texture to your living space, and that’s always worth it to make sure you’re as happy as can be when you’re at home. But where should you focus your efforts if you’re just starting out on this journey? Why, the kitchen of course!

Having the most amazing kitchen possible is all very much a matter of opinion, but there’s quite a few general themes to follow when it comes to kitchen design. In the modern day and age, there’s all kinds of styles, and whether you’re upgrading for yourself or because you plan to sell one day, you should use these themes to good effect. And below are just a couple of these theme ideas for you to follow if you feel your kitchen could do with an upgrade.

Stick to a Colour Scheme

Even when you’re trying to add in some pops of colour, make sure you don’t go crazy with how much yellow or bright blue you’re introducing to an otherwise neutral landscape. Unless you like that look of course, otherwise it’ll just seem completely out of place! Not to mention it’s going to save you a bit of money in the long run, as not everything is going to need to be repainted and you’re not going to have to put up new, multi coloured shelves in all of your cabinets.

Add an Extension

Whether you’re the kind of person who wants an add-on conservatory or someone who just wants to eat in the breakfast nook by the window, adding an extension onto your kitchen is going to be a great idea here. And with companies like Lowe Design and Build on your side, you’re going to be able to do it in a variety of manners and styles; have something to fit the rest of the house, or use this space to have the actual modern upgrade you’ve always wanted. It might not be possible to scrap the entire house in your bid to go contemporary, but this is definitely doable!

Try a Different Lighting Style

Even just where you hang your bulbs can make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks, so make sure this is a spot you stop off at in your bid to upgrade your kitchen. Having a cascading chandelier on your kitchen ceiling might seem a little overkill, but it could really complete the space if it hangs over an island. Similarly, having some jar lanterns to cover your bulbs could really bring in that rustic feel that every buyer out there secretly loves, so don’t underestimate this move.

Upgrading a house is something a lot of homeowners want to do, and now you have the chance for the kitchen of your dreams!


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