Wednesday, August 22, 2018

5 Must Checks When House Hunting

When you buy a house, you are not only buying an investment that ties up a lot of your money, you are also buying a home - and whilst “home” is more of a feeling rather than something you can purchase it’s important to check out a property from the perspective of whether you could feel at home in the property.

For instance, there might be a beautiful slow combustion wood fire to keep you warm in the winter, but if you’re moving next to the neighbours from hell, it doesn’t matter how cosy your home is if there’s music blasting out, or screaming matches, at all hours of the night coming from the walls from your neighbours.

This article looks at five things to consider when house hunting from a ‘making yourself feel at home’ perspective, as afterall, you’re not simply buying the bricks and mortar attached to a property - you’re buying a new home.

1.   Is there mobile phone signal?

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having phone signal in your home, as nobody wants to have to go into the garden and stand on one leg just in order to get a phone signal - we all seem to rely so much on our phones today, that it’s imperative you look into whether your new house has phone signal, as this is something that can’t be changed.

In a similar vein, what about the speed of the internet?  This is particularly relevant if you work from home, as it will make a huge amount of difference and in certain areas you simply can’t get lightning fast broadband due to the network infrastructure.

2.   The Garden

Is your garden suitable for your needs, for instance, is it the ideal space for hosting a summer barbecue, lounging around on your lawn, and having friends over - or is it overlooked by nosy neighbours, or perhaps completely in shade due to an overhanging tree that is out of your control?

3.   Traffic

How’s the traffic around your home, will you be stuck for ages just driving to the local shop due to living on a main road, or are you so remote the local shop is a twenty minute drive away?  Neither of these should be deal breakers, but it’s wise to consider how long it will take you to drive to work each day, for instance, as if the location adds an extra 30 minutes of gridlocked traffic, each day, this can really mount up over time and cause a lot of frustration.

4. The View

Will you wake up each morning to an inspiring view that will fill you with zestful energy, or is it a grey and gloomy outlook?

5. Neighbours

“Neighbours… everybody needs good neighbours!”  In reality, the theme song of the popular soap couldn’t be more true - if you have pleasant neighbours they can really contribute to the feeling of home, and if you have unpleasant neighbours they can really detract from your sense of home; so be sure to meet the neighbours before making a final decision.


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