Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bounce, Bounce! How 'Suite' Is Your Bedroom?

The bedroom is the one room in the house that you should be excited to fall into at the end of a long day. It’s the last thing that you see when you close your eyes, and it’s the first thing that you see when you open them. There is a lot that goes on in a bedroom that can affect you psychologically, but let’s take our minds out of the gutter and think about décor, here. If you wake up in a bedroom that is covered in clutter and is overcrowded, your mind and your body tense up and literally feel how cluttered it is during the day. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind, so you need to sweeten your suit to make it a place that you want to sleep in.

It should be a sanctuary, a haven of calm and relaxation. The placement of the bed, the depth of the pocket spring mattress and even the colour of the window treatments that you buy for the bay window. All of it has to come together to be a total haven for you to sleep in, otherwise it just won’t work. Stop feeling frustrated about the place you sleep in and start making changes that’ll make sense to you and your bedroom suite. Below, you’ll find some awesome hacks to make sure that you get the best out of your sleep space.

White Bed Comforter during Daytimne


Ambience is a word that gets thrown around a lot but it’s something that you have to create to be able to sleep soundly. Think dimmer switches, corner lamps and mood candles (fake flame, thanks!) to create a mood that makes you want to sleep every night.


The bedroom doesn’t have to be doused in essential oils and lavender to help you sleep, but it should make you feel welcomed. Freshly laundered sheets, a scented candle or two or even incense if that’s your thing can make the bedroom where you want to be. Though, do think about the essential oils and lavender; just a drop or two will do.


Pillows, duvets, blankets, throws, throw pillows and even rugs can be bouncy. Springy materials, packed cotton and fat pillow all make for your bed to be a total marshmallow. When you want a bedroom that is fit to sleep in, you have to make sure you are sleeping on something that supports you and makes you comfortable.


You may have bought a divan bed, but you shouldn’t just leave it to the wall. Spring for a headboard that is covered in pillowed material; the comfort you can feel when you’re having breakfast in bed at the weekends can be everything you didn’t know that you needed.

Your bedroom suite has to be perfect if you want to get that restful night of sleep. Don’t ever leave your bed unmade in the morning, either; your mother taught you better than that! Fresh sheets, perfect lighting and a waft of your favourite scent makes for the best night you ever had. Try it and see.


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