Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Deal with House Viewing Disasters

When potential buyers turn up, you might want your home look its best. However, according to Murphy’s Laws, if things can go wrong, they will do so at the worst possible time. If you would rather not risk scaring your buyers away, or have a photo shoot booked and disaster happened, you will have to be prepared for dealing with emergencies. Below you will find advice on how to deal with common problems and hide them from your viewers.

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Bad Smells from Next Door

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No matter how good your house smells, if next door has just burnt the barbecue food or are revving the engine outside, you will have little or no influence. Make sure that you choose a time when your neighbours are not home, especially if they are notorious for making trouble. Schedule the viewings for the days when they are not in, or have a word with them. If they are reasonable, they will keep the smelly activities down for 20-30 minutes, at least.
Noisy Kids In the Neighborhood
There’s not much you can do about kids playing outside, but every buyer will react in a different way. If there is an older couple turning up, chances are that they will not be impressed by the kids playing on the street. However, if it is a young couple with kids of their own, they might take this well. Try to find out as much about your potential buyers from your realtor before staging your home. If everything else fails, putting on a relaxing background music can be your only option.
No Parking
It can be annoying when your neighbors’ visitors park in front of your drive and you are expecting potential buyers. Invest in a few industrial or road work signs and prevent anyone parking there until your visitors turn up. If your potential buyers can’t find a parking place the first time they arrive, or there are strange cars all around your property, they are likely to do a runner on you.
Kids will be kids. Chances are that - no matter how hard you try to get them out of the house - they will make a mess just before your realtor turns up with the potential buyers. Have  spare Hali Rugs to cover up spillages and a wet cloth to wipe the sticky door handles. Walk around the house with an antibacterial wipe before your visitors are coming, so you can make all signs of kids and pets disappear.
Blocked Drains
There’s nothing worse than blocked drains before you are about to strike a deal and sell your home. You can avoid embarrassments if you simply put some sparkly fragrance powder down the drains. It should be enough to cover up the smells for a few hours, and you can deal with the plumber later.

No matter how hard you work to stage your home for prospective buyers, things are likely to happen. Get prepared for emergency interventions and have a word with your neighbours to prevent problems.  


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