Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Three Things Buyers Will Notice About Your Home- Even If You Don't!

Selling your home can be stressful. Opening your doors to the critiquing eyes of viewers who will be going over your property with a fine tooth comb is never the nicest, even though you’re moving to pastures new you will still have a sentimental attachment to your old place. One thing to be aware of is that viewers will see your house differently to you, what you need to do is take a step back and see it objectively- through their eyes almost. Here are three things that you might not notice about your home but will be massively obvious to a buyer.

Bad smells

It’s no secret that we all become a little ‘nose blind’ after a while. It’s the reason your teenager can be happily sat in their room that stinks without noticing a thing, and yet it’s so obnoxious to us walking in! To a lesser extent, this can happen throughout the rest of the home. We can become accustomed to certain smells which we stop noticing, but are offensive to others. Maybe you have a shoe cupboard that’s full of old shoes by the door, or perhaps your pets like to lie on the carpet. They might have even had an accident or two over the years. Use an effective pet stain cleanup for carpets and then clean over everywhere else with a professional carpet cleaner. This will get them looking their best and will eliminate any bad smells. Before conducting viewings, you will of course want to make sure the house has been deep cleaned. Take out any rubbish, open windows, avoid cooking anything too strong smelling and get the place looking and smelling wonderful.

Minor repairs

A scuff here or a scratch there might not mean much to you. The chip in the tile might have been there so long you’ve stopped noticing it, and you know that crack in the ceiling isn’t a result of anything serious. However these things will be big problems for a buyer. They could easily assume any cracks are a result of subsidence- a serious and expensive problem to fix. A few scratches and scuffs might not be massive renovations, but they can all bring down the overall look. It could cause buyers to assume that there’s more of a problem than there is which could put them off.


You might like your decor, but to a buyer it could be dated, untasteful or just not to them Decor that’s personal to you will say to a buyer ‘this house needs decorating!’ This of course means money which they will then try to recoup by knocking you down on price. It can be worth spending a few hundred on some basic decor- fixing holes and cracks in walls, sanding them down and painting them. Going over doors, skirting boards and other woodwork in white gloss to make everywhere feel fresh. Invest in a couple of key pieces like a plant and a rug to dress the room without it being too personal to you. This allows buyers to picture themselves in the space.


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