Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Sprinkle of Sophistication and a Dash of Design: Home Improvements Made Fun

You love getting stuck into a new and exciting home design project; your imagination is allowed to run wild and you can truly transform any room you want to. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home for selling or you simply want to enjoy a bigger space, there are many ways to enhance your humble abode. When it comes to adding personality to your home, you can approach this project in a number of ways. You could go all out and invest in an amazing extension or you could simply switch up the colour palettes in certain rooms. Whatever decisions you make, just make sure you have fun during the process.

Growing Gracefully

If you’re living in a beautiful home already then you might not want to alter the exterior too much as you want to preserve its history. You might find heritage extensions useful to you, since they won’t compromise on the original style of your classic home. In the right hands your home will be able to grow elegantly and gracefully, creating more space for you to enjoy for the years to come.

Calming Colour Palettes

Another way in which you can enhance the elegance of your home is by altering the colour palettes throughout the house. Switch to hues that are more muted and calming such as pastel peach, mint green, neutral cream and baby blue. Bright colours will quickly grow out of style leaving you feeling disheartened. Choosing a timeless colour palette will make your home much more adaptable and enjoyable to decorate.

pink shrimp painting with black wooden frame

Perfect Patterns

Some of the best patterns of 2018 include tropical prints, floral designs and 80’s inspired geometric shapes. This is why it is important to keep you walls neutral and calm. Adding in a quirky patterned cushion or rug will instantly bring a room to life. However, if your home is too full of contrasting colours you will create the opposite effect, which is a confusing rainbow mix up. The rule is, keep it simple and add in the wow factor at a later stage.

Fabulous Furnishings

Those final touches to your home will make it shape shift instantly from just fine to utterly fabulous. As long as you take into account all of the advice above and choose soft and hard furnishings to complement the chosen colour palettes and extension areas you will have a more divine and dazzling domestic living space in the blink of an eye.

Having your own home is all about making it feel comfortable and tailored to your specific tastes. You might find that creating more space solves a lot of ongoing issues for you at home, so an extension would be the way forward. Perhaps you think there is a more straightforward solution to bring that added touch of personality to your home. Whether you’re adjusting your patterns or investing in fabulous furnishings make sure you stick with your budget and enjoy turning your home from a sleepy place to a spectacular place.


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