Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Designing Your Home Comforts: Creating A Cozy Home Feeling

Let's face it; we all have financial struggles, which means we can't update our home as well as we'd like. And so, while we have a lack of money in which to make substantial changes to the whole house, we've got to make do with, usually, picking only the one room that we can afford to renovate. But when you are trying to create a cozier home environment, one room isn't going to cut it. Yes, you may go for your bedroom, or somewhere that you spend more time relaxing, but when you are trying to implement ways to make the whole home cozy, what can you do?

Pick A Cozy Focal Point

When you're trying to consolidate your finances, but there's an item that you know will tie the room together, and completely shake up the overall aesthetic of the room, changing it from dishevelled to cozy, then you need to go for it. The options, of course, are numerous, but when you're going for one of the bigger rooms in the house, whether it's the living room or the kitchen, wood burning fireplace inserts are one of the various items that can very easily communicate a cozy feeling.

Choose Textures

We tend to think that textures and patterns are very expensive, when we are looking at adding those visceral layers of depth, by purchasing choice items of furniture, let's face it, this approach is very expensive, so we might not think that there is a cheaper option. Trusty wallpaper is a very good alternative. The right wallpaper can add that extra layer of depth and can make you feel like you are enveloped in the room. But, let's make no bones about it; wallpaper can be expensive if you choose the high-end styles. In which case, to create those textures, painting is a very good alternative, as long as you pick the right colours. And to add that extra layer, stencils are worth trying.

Warm Materials

This is where a thrift store comes into its own. Warm materials, and especially, right now, warm metals like brass or copper, automatically adds a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. The big problem is that the majority of metals are quite expensive, but you can purchase antique copper and brass for cheap, although it may not look as sophisticated as the expensive counterparts, you can polish cheaper materials by sprinkling salt over the surface and rubbing a cut lemon across it. The other option is to get copper coloured paint which you can easily spray over the items you've picked up for cheap.

And remember, never underestimate the power of effective lighting, but also, think about what makes you feel cozy. Do you like more enclosed spaces, chunky sweaters, and the like? If so, be sure to install a dimmer switch, and rugs or throws to really communicate that cozy style. We all need a little bit of extra comfort now and again, and if you live a high pressured life, you deserve to come home to a relaxing environment.


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