Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Living Space Problems That Can Affect Your Happiness Levels

Your home is your haven; your solace from the outside world. It should be a place of happiness, where you can relax and feel content, no matter what stresses are happening within the rest of your life. But believe it or not, there are some aspects of your home that can affect your overall happiness levels. Rather than lift your spirits, there may be some areas of your home that actually lower your mood whenever you enter a certain room. Thankfully, you can take actionable steps to deal with any of these mood-killers.

Problem #1: The lighting

Your light bulbs may be of a very low wattage, or there may not be enough light coming in through the windows. Whatever the reason, if the lighting is dim in your living area, then your mood will follow suit. For positive emotions, you need to brighten up the space. Rather than suffer dark moods because of a dark room, invest in some new light bulbs (energy-efficient of course), and follow these lighting tips to shed more light on any room in your home that could do with being brighter.

Problem #2: Repair jobs

It's difficult to relax at home when there are repair jobs that need to be done. Your happiness levels will drop when you notice that peeling wallpaper in the corner of your home, hear the sound of a dripping tap, or feel the cold draft coming in from doors and windows. You may have the skills to deal with some of these irritations, but if not, call in the professionals so you can finally renew your happy state of mind when you're at home.

Problem #3: Lack of space

If your living room is tiny, you may well feel claustrophobic. With little room to move around, your mood may be low as a consequence. However, there are some interior design tips here that may well solve the problem. On the other hand, your living room may be of a decent size, but if you have too much clutter and stuff, you aren't going to feel the benefit. It's probably time you decluttered, or at the very least invested in storage space. And no matter how large or small your living space is, you may also choose to  opt for ground floor extensions to give you more room to play with. Just don't refill that space with yet more stuff if the clutter is negatively affecting your mood.

Problem #4: The paint colours

The paint colour you choose is a matter of personal taste, so there is no wrong colour per se to paint your walls with. However, if the rest of the room's decor is out of whack with the colour you have chosen, perhaps because your sofa contrasts negatively with the colour scheme on the wall, then you may feel irritable and moody as a result. Your best bet is to use a colour wheel to help you choose the right match of colours, as well as taking note of the ideas mentioned
here that may just give you inspiration to create a room that evokes more positive emotions within you.


Do you not feel happy within your living space? Then we may have hit the nail on its proverbial head with the reasons why within this article. Make any changes necessary, and you may well feel happier as a result. Let us know what you think, and if you have any further ideas to complement this article be sure to share your wisdom with us.


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