Thursday, October 18, 2018

Adding Texture To Your Decor: Get It Just Right

If you’ve ever taken an interest in decor, you’ll know that adding texture to a place is one of the ultimate ways to make it look more interesting and professionally put together. A place without enough texture can easily fall flat, look cold, and make guests feel like they don’t want to be there. You don’t want your home to appear lacklustre; having a beautiful place to live will lift your spirits at the end of the day and make you feel super relaxed.

With this in mind, we have some advice on how you can add texture to your decor, making sure you get it just right! Enjoy...

Add Leafy Green Plants

Leafy green plants are absolutely fabulous for adding a lovely bit of texture to your home. You can use as many as you like, too. Using big, leafy green plants can make your decor look amazing, plus, you get to experience the benefits of plants tenfold! They’ll purify the air and bring you more happiness. Just make sure you choose plants that suit your ability levels, as some will require more maintenance than others. Plants don’t just go in your living room and lounge; have them in your bedroom, and even your bathroom. Dot them all over the house!

If you don’t want the responsibility of keeping a plant alive, you can always look at getting a realistic looking fake plant. They do exist, you’ll just need to keep them clean and free of dust!

Learn How To Layer

Layering up different elements in your home is perfect for adding texture. Layer cushions of different shapes and sizes, layer rugs, such as persian rugs on top of one another, layer throws - the more you layer, the cosier your interior will look. It can take practice to get right, so have a look online for some inspiration before you try it yourself.

Mix Up Different Textures And Patterns

Different textures and patterns are key to getting this right. You need to use various textures, such as suede, wool, cotton, sequins, etc to create a fully 3D look that won’t bore you to death. You can choose your own textures, of course. That’s just an idea! Patterns can help your home to appear more textured, too, even if they are not.

Don’t Match Your Furniture

Matching your furniture is such an old fashioned thing to do! People who do this these days tend to be lazy. You can create a far more interesting, textured look by mixing your furniture, but making sure they look right by choosing one element that brings them together, such as a color.

Use Books

Books are perfect for adding texture and make a great addition for those who love to read! Stack some pretty books on a coffee table.

Watch Out For Allergies
Although lots of texture can be a great thing for your decor, you should watch out for allergies. Make sure that the textures you're using won’t irritate you or your family (that includes your pets) by holding on to dust and other allergens! Other than that, have fun!

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