Friday, October 19, 2018

Awesome Home Decor Ideas To Try This Weekend

If you are feeling like you fancy a fun project this weekend; one of the things you can think about doing is making some fun crafts for the Home. Your home should be a place of colour and life and this weekend you can bring in some wonderful decorations without spending too much money! Here are some fun DIY ideas to try.

DIY Crystal Soaps

Soap can be a fun gift for people but is also something you have on display in the bathroom every day. For more attractive soap this year you can buy some clear soap to melt and then some colourings for the soap. Simply pour the clear soap into small rectangular silicone moulds and then place a drop of one colour on one side of the rectangle. Add another colour in the other side and slightly mix the colours with a skewer. Let dry and then you can take them out of the mould and whittle the soap down so that it looks like a cute crystal!

Concrete Hand Planter

For a fun planter which can either go in your kitchen or in the garden this winter, this concrete planter idea is amazing. All you will need is some concrete and a pair of plastic gloves. Simply find good concrete suppliers and get a good quality one, mix with water and pour it into both gloves to make concrete hands. Arrange the gloves in a bowl so that they form a cupping effect. Cut a small hole in each glove which is next to each other and let the concrete mix together to fuse the hands. Leave overnight. In the morning remove the gloves as best you can and you can simply add soil and a small succulent!

Tyre Chair

A tyre chair is an awesome way to use an old tyre if you have one hanging around and it can double up as a footrest or a small ottoman. Start off by getting some plywood and cutting out one piece to seal underneath the tyre and one for the top. Drill the bottom piece directly into the tyre to close the hole. For the top, attach a hinge and secure so that the top can be opened. Paint the whole thing a bold colour such as red. Grab an old cushion and staple it to the top of the tyre. You now have a cute chair/ footstool which can store cables and books!

Jar Candle

Jar candles are a super easy craft and they can be a great addition to the home. All you need is an old jar, some paint, some wax and dye and a wick. To start off, clean out the jar and make sure it is bone dry, wax doesn’t mix with water and it can cause your candle to have weird bubbles. Melt the wax and a candle dye of your choice. Meanwhile cut a piece of wick which is a few cm to big for your jar and tie the end around a pencil. Place the wick into the jar and rest the pencil on the lip allowing the wick to stay in the middle. Pour in your wax. Let it all cool, snip the wick and then you can paint or decorate the jar with whatever you like!

Abstract Art Canvas

Artwork can always add something to a room and no matter what your skill level you can make some abstract art for the home. You will need some paint, a canvas and a squeegee for this. Start off by pouring some paint in random places all over the canvas. Make sure to stick to a colour scheme such as blue, pink and white or red, yellow and orange. Pour small quantities of each paint onto the canvas. Use the squeegee to wipe from left to right and spread the paint on the canvas. Let it all dry. If there are still some blank spots or things you want to change you can do this now. Repeat the process until you are happy and you now have a great piece of art on the wall.


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