Friday, November 30, 2018

A Breath Of Fresh Air: Bringing Some Nature Indoors

Sometimes our home can be dull and uninspired. Sometimes we're just bound by the modern trappings, perhaps we’ve got a smelly home because we're not able to keep on top of the cleaning, or it's just a case that we get up every morning, look at our surroundings, and wish we could just bulldoze the entire thing to the ground and start again. While that wouldn't be financially viable, if you're looking for a breath of fresh air, maybe it's time to take that term literally. Let's find some simple ways to bring nature back into our homes.

Grab Some Plants And Flowers

What simpler way is there to bring some nature indoors than by getting a few plants and flowers and dotting them around the house? You can start out small by just getting a few little plants, or you can just make the entire space as green as you want. There's literally no limit to what you can bring indoors, just as long as you look after them properly. You can click here for a guide to the Monstera Deliciosa plant, one of the most self-sufficient indoor plants, just as long as you keep the room a healthy temperature. The great thing with these sorts of plants like the Monstera Deliciosa and the more popular Japanese Peace Lily is that they look elegant but simple. If you're looking to add some vibrancy to a home office, it's hardly a surprise that it is the office plant of the year in the United Kingdom.

Using Natural Materials In Your Decor

If you want your home to encapsulate a more natural environment, using materials that are found outdoors and bringing them inside will spruce up the inside of your home. Stone and wood are two that come to mind that can be turned into coffee tables or wash basins, and simply communicate a rustic style, but if you want to go even further, you can make significant changes to the floors. Bathrooms and kitchens are increasingly being used as testing grounds for cork or bamboo flooring materials. It's a great way to add some detail to a typically dull floor space. The best way to highlight this is to make the floor contrast with its surroundings. So if you choose warm wooden flooring, make sure that the surroundings have more stone peppered around.

Let The Light In

More and more homes these days aren’t built to let natural light in. If you're trying to get a bit closer to nature, it's time to be a bit more creative in how you let the light in. Naturally, a skylight and large windows are the go-to options, but if you haven't got the money to invest in these, you've got to use a lot more tricks. Reflecting light back into the space can be done by a handful of ways- using mirrors, as well as materials like brass and silver, easily reflect light back into the space. When you haven't got the money for expensive skylights, you've got to make the most of these tricks, because if you have a dark and dull house, not only does it make you miserable, but any sort of plants you’ve got in the house won't last very long!

Accessorize Naturally!

Find the things you associate with the outdoors and pepper them around the house. Rattan furniture is one of those materials that's constantly associated with the outdoors and if you're not able to get much of this indoors, at the very least, go for a corner of the house that's dedicated to all things rattan. Stone accessories, as well as wooden ornaments, can lend to an air of naturalism in the house, without being overly so. If you're trying to create that feel without going overboard, accessories are the best way to go. When you're trying to accessorize, do it in accordance with the space, such as the kitchen being full of plants, or fruits and vegetables, communicating that “green” vibe. It's easy to make these things centrepieces as well, and it can provide you with a handy reminder of which room you're in, just in case you forgot!

It's not too difficult to bring the outside in, but you've got to decide how much nature you want. You could go completely overboard and build a treehouse in the corner of the living room or you can just add a few plants and give that space a little reinvigoration. When we have dull and uninspiring spaces, that natural feeling can make you feel better about the home, and about yourself!


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