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How To Make Your Home More Social-Friendly

Our homes are primarily for our immediate families, but we want to make them as welcoming as possible to our extended family and friends. While we very often do all we can to make others feel welcome in our homes, sometimes the property just doesn’t play ball. If we have a house that seems to actively work against comfort and flowing conversation, then we’re not going to host as many get-togethers at our property as we might like. And let’s not forget that a social house won’t just keep us close to the people we might not see as much as we’d like; it’ll also help to keep everyone who lives under the roof close, too. Below, we take a look at a few useful ways we can make our properties more conducive to conversations and togetherness.

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Tear Down the Walls

We used to measure the quality of a home by how many rooms it had, but we’re beginning to change that view somewhat. The reason is that having so many rooms won’t necessarily make a house better, but it does make it more difficult for everyone to talk. Perhaps this comes to more prominence in the 21st-century, when we often find that everyone’s in a different room, starting at their devices. At least if there are no walls to divide people, then there’s a vague feeling of togetherness. Of course, you can’t get rid of all the walls - but the one between your kitchen area and dining room can go, if possible. It’s an increasingly popular hang-out spot in the home for a reason (perhaps because it’s near the food….).

Cosy Spaces

If people aren’t able to relax in your home, then they’re not going to feel social. We can all point to those homes that are owned by the people we love, but in which we don’t feel that comfortable. So work on making your space more cosy. You can do this by increasing the comfort levels of your seating, and also adding inviting lighting. Pendant lights, for example, are much better than harsh overhead lighting in this regard. It’s all about creating a space that makes people forget time, and allows them to really into a relaxed state of mind.

Pleasant Ambiance

You know how you can sometimes walk into a house and feel almost instantly at ease? That doesn’t happen just by accident. They’ve made it that way. So how do you create a pleasant ambiance inside your home? Start by making it as clean and tidy as possible; it’s a bit off-putting to walk into a living and see loads of trash on the table. Beyond that, it’s about feeding the senses. Candles and incense please the eyes and nose, and will actively contribute to giving your home an aroma and ambiance that people love. Relaxed people are always more social!

Chairs Pointing Nowhere

The television was a pretty amazing invention, but we can’t deny that it’s had a negative impact on social gatherings. Since people tend to point all their chairs towards the box, these social gatherings can sometimes turn into a communal TV watching session. If it’s X-Factor or Eurovision, then that might be the point, but in all likelihood, it’s more of a distraction. So why not look at taking a radical step, and create your social furniture arrangement without the television in mind? People will be more inclined to talk and get into the spirit of the gathering if there’s no loud television set to distract them.

Ready for the Gathering

You’ve been a guest yourself. You know that it can be a little bit grim when you turn up and the only thing you’re offered is a glass of water. If this has never happened to you, then we’ll just say that you’re lucky to have such good friends and family members! It does happen. Obviously, it’s rarely done on purpose. It’s just that they didn’t think anyone would stop by. You can make sure you're always ready to let the good times roll by having a selection of snacks and drinks available. Beer, wine, something more interesting than water for the little ones/designated drivers, and a few boxes of Pringles should see you right.

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In the Garden

We may live in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that we never get to enjoy the outdoors. Those sunny days and evenings do happen from time to time! So make sure you can enjoy them with your loved ones by creating a social living area in your garden. All you need are some garden tables and chairs, and a BBQ. The pleasures that people get during the summer aren’t complicated whatsoever; if they can kick back in comfort with the sun shining down and a refreshing drink in their hand, then they’ll be happy.

Guest Rooms

We all know how it goes. One social drink turns into another, and then another. Sooner rather than later, a call has to be made: to we go home, or stay and have a good time? People always prefer the latter, but it’s not always an option if the person can’t offer a bed for the night. Make sure the party can keep on going by having a pleasant guest room ready for overnight stays. The better it is, the more likely it is they are to come back (though if it’s too good, they might never leave)!

Figure Out The Right Temperature

People want to be social, they really do, but they need to be comfortable in order to get into the social state of mind. If your house is too cold (or, less likely, too hot), then people aren’t going to want to spend time at your house. So if you’re going to invite people around, keep in mind two things. First of all, an agreeable temperature for you might be disagreeable for someone else. And second, no-one likes someone who’s too cheap to put on the central heating when they have friends around.


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