Thursday, November 1, 2018

How You Can Reduce Stress Levels When Making A Long Distance Move

Moving home is a stressful time as you’re always worrying about the finer details and making sure that everything is packed. So, when you’re moving far away from your current home, the stress levels are increased from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. However, like with pretty much everything, with some clever planning, you can reduce your stress levels when making a long distance move, so check it out!

Get someone to have the children
One thing that can make moving in general one hell of a lot more stressful is having to keep an eye on the children too. As you’re probably aware, children get bored easily, and when you’re trying to concentrate and make sure everything is just so, the last thing you need is an earful from bored children. Save yourself some earache and major stress by asking a family member or friend to watch them for a couple of nights while you do the biggest parts of your move. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for doing it!
Ditch the packing!
Packing is just the worst, isn’t it? Sorting through old belongings, making sure everything is packed safely, and labelling boxes when you’ve completely forgotten what you’ve just packed is a pain. So don’t do it! You can hire interstate removalists to come and do the packing for you, and then lug everything to your new home! While it’s understandable that you might want to transport a few things yourself, imagine having a massive load like packing taken off your mind?
Make a checklist for the final weeks
A simple fact of life is that everything runs smoother when you’ve got a checklist. Even if you have a brilliant memory, when you’re stressed it’s easy to forget little details, so prevent this from happening by creating a checklist to follow when you’ve got a clearer mind! Things like cancelling the electric, paying off the gas bill, transferring your internet, and even informing the neighbours that you’re moving are all things that could slip your mind. Make yourself a checklist! Go!
Don’t stress over something that can’t be changed!
Finally, even with endless amounts of tips to stay stress free when you’re moving long distance, there will always be something that crops up unexpectedly, and it will be stressful. One tip that many people find useful is not stressing over something that can’t be changed - make the best of it instead. For example, say you’ve been delayed another day getting the keys to your new home? Use it as a chance to have a night away in a hotel with your loved ones! There’s light at the end of every tunnel, you just need to look for it!


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