Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Refreshing Your Living Space

We can get quite bored of the same spaces day in and day out, so it’s essential we mix it up and refresh our living space every so often. It doesn’t need to cost the earth either, so here are a few ways to give it a little revamp so that you fall in love with it all over again.

Try A Fresh Coat Of Paint
A change in colour scheme can make a big difference to a space and in some cases can give the illusion of size. Why not try a fresh lick of paint, perhaps on one wall to create a feature wall to emphasise a fireplace or bay window. It’s a simple and budget-friendly option if money is a little tight and it adds a little bit of vibrance.

Replace The Carpet
A bit more of an expense but if the carpet is looking a little old and battered, it might be time to lay down something new. Try to go with a colour that won’t look dirty over time so that you save money in the long run.

Something from www.carpetmelbournedirect.com.au would be suitable as they offer a nice long warranty on all their carpet options.

Try A New Trend
With so many different trends coming out each season, it can be hard to keep up. But the difference is that no trend in the home really goes out of fashion. And even then, it’ll end up coming back revamped and refreshed in a few years. However, if you fancy a change, try a new trend. Velvet is currently the ‘in’ fabric and rose gold is everywhere at the moment. Go with a trend that reflects your personality because, at the end of the day, you have to live in it.

Declutter With A Spring Clean
A space can be transformed just as easily by decluttering. Each time you tidy up a space, it can end up looking brand new, so find a good storage solution for everything and chuck out any clutter that might be building up.

Focus On The Key Features
There’s always a piece of furniture that’s the key feature in a space. Whether that’s the coffee table in the living room, the vanity table in your bedroom or the large oak table in your dining room. Pick out a key piece of furniture and focus your attention on it by making improvements to it.

For example, a plain coffee table may benefit from a potted plant, a few books to add levels and perhaps a quirky ornament or two. This can instantly transform the space by having something new to draw the eye to. It will also make the space feel brand new even though you’ve only made a few changes to one piece of furniture.
Refreshing your living space can be a great way of tapping into that creative side of you and really bringing out your own style and personality to the home. So pick a room and get stuck in!


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