Monday, December 17, 2018

Creating a Zen Space in your Home

When it comes to interior design, everyone talks about sleek textiles and diamonte chandeliers, but what if you are looking on how to decorate your super zen living room. You care more about good Karma than you do about the Kardashians, and mindfulness has been your jam for years. You celebrate Yule and are au fait with alternative therapies.

There is a lot to be said for creating a space with the simple idea that you should be able to relax and centre yourself, no matter what is going on in your life. But, how do you achieve that?

Think about the things that bring you peace. And, how do you want to use the room.

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

There is a reason you see certain colors in spaces like yoga studios, spas, and even some maternity wards. Very often you will find slightly muted tones of lilac, green, nudes and browns. The tones generally related to colours you can see in nature and in general seem calming.
Certain smells are deemed as relaxing, like lavender or jasmine. Beautiful soft fragrances that last a long time. You could use incense cones or sticks, or candles made with essential oils, and oil burner or a spritz. Try and find different smells to match the task you are trying to achieve. Something citrus and upbeat if you are working, something mellow and relaxing if you are meditating.
You might like to invest a natural sound machine, that can play soothing rainforests or raindrops, just to deepen the calming experience.
There are two types of clean for those into the spiritual world. Clutter-free and cleansed of bad feelings and vibes. For one, you’re going to need really cool looking storage, or be really strict and don’t allow anything excess in there. The other, smudge sticks will do the trick. You light the sage (or sage mix) and let the smoke waft around the room. This will purify your space keeping it filled with good intentions and good vibes.
Having plants in the room will do a couple of things. Firstly you will be bringing nature inside, and green therapy is a real thing. Being surrounded by plants relaxes our brains and gets us thinking about the great outdoors. Secondly, they also help with keeping the air clean. If you don’t have the space for large plants, or you aren’t great at caring for them, then you might like to get things like succulents. 
There should be things like a yoga mat, great for sitting and laying on, even if you don’t do yoga. Cushions or pillows, blankets, somewhere that you can sink into. Great sofas at the end of a long day can be the perfect place to lay back and take reflection of the day you’ve had.

The idea of creating a zen space is to give yourself a personal and spiritual space where you can find peace daily.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life - Buddha.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Be Individual! Injecting Personality Into Your Interior

Have you ever looked around a show home only to be heartbroken by the amount of magnolia, beige and biscuit off-white on display? The sheer lack of personality and flair within modern homes can be off putting and send you reaching for the shocking pink paint. For someone who loves design, creativity, and individuality, a little part of you may die inside every time you spot a clinical white wall devoid of interest. If your own dwelling is looking a little neutral, it’s time to inject some personality in between your four walls. Banish the boring and welcome in a new and exciting interior. Take a look at how you can express your personality through the interior of your home.


There’s nothing more exciting than injecting a bit of colour into a home. If you aren’t planning on selling up anytime soon and you are putting down roots for the long haul, then you need to be happy and content with the walls you are looking at for the next decade or more. Why not opt for the deep cherry red that you’ve always fancied in the dining room? Forget what others think and choose the bright orange hue for the kitchen. This is your home, and your environment so stake a claim to it!

You may want to consider a feature wall or two within your home, and you could put up some wallpaper. Designs could be flock, floral or take their influence from the achingly cool geometric patterns of the 1960s. Head online and take a look at the sorts of wallpaper that you could be hanging in your pad.


The hub of your home will probably be your kitchen. This is where you cook up culinary wonders, sit your kids down to do homework, and chat with pals over coffee. This is the room that should work in the most suitable way for you. If your budget will stretch, consider the custom kitchens available. Designers will look at how you use your kitchen and create a kitchen configuration to suit your lifestyle. If you adore stainless steel splashbacks, get them. If you want a shaker style country kitchen with a twist, ask for it. You can secure a kitchen with gadgets and gizmos, granite worktops and nifty storage ideas to help you enjoy the centre of your home.


Brown leather couches are great. They are comfortable, look sophisticated and tend to go in any room no matter what the decor. However, every other house has them, and they can be a tad boring. Go for a mid century vintage suite instead, mix up the styles of seating in your living room, or opt for a velvet material. By mixing up colours, textures, and form, you can create a living room that is more personalised and unique.

While you may not be an interior designer, you know what you like, and you adore being creative. Inject your personality into your interior by following this guide and unleash your artistic side.