Monday, December 3, 2018

Mo’ Home, Mo’ Problems! Common Issues After Moving Into A New Property

It all seems like such an exciting prospect. A new property means a new start, right? Well, yes, but with any new property, there is a time period where you have to get used to the various nooks and crannies, not to mention the issues that come with new houses. This is not just in terms of modern builds; any home that you move into for the first time requires an equal amount of preparation and solution. Many homes have common defects, and it's about looking for these when you first move in. So, with that in mind, what are these?  

Amateur Fixes

This is something you encounter if the previous owner lived there for a long, long time. The longer a person has lived in a place, the likelihood they would have tried to fix issues themselves. The most common culprits are plumbing and electricity. If you find there are many electrical issues, it's not recommended you do this yourself, instead, you should contact an emergency electrician. You don't know how long these problems have been in this state. There is no point risking your life, and the same goes with planning. Unfortunately, because people that move out of a property are desperate to bid the place goodbye, it's more than likely that they've tried to make quick fixes so that the home appears in good working condition.

Rotted Wood

The longer a house has been standing, the more it's exposed to the elements. As soon as you move into the property, make sure that you undertake a thorough inspection of all the wood to see if it's attached to any excessive moisture. The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most likely places exposed to moisture. Luckily, once you've located the culprits, you can apply a special finish or paint to protect it. Rotting isn't exclusive to the interior; make sure you check the outside, especially if you have decking.

The Drainage

If you have noticed excessive problems with mould, it might not just be down to moisture in the property, but it could result from poor drainage. Look around the exterior of the property and see if there are adequate pipes and ways for water to run off. When ignored, over time it can infiltrate the basement and the garage. These two spaces are integral to the foundation of your home. When the gutters are poorly maintained, as well as a lack of proper grading around the foundation, this means that the water will likely go back into the home. Ensure that the water runs away from the property.

What's Under The Sink?

It's so easily neglected, but plumbing problems often start from underneath the sink. As soon as you move in, take the opportunity to inspect under every sink in the home. The issue might be very simple, if the piping has been made with materials incompatible to the overall planning, this will result in slow drains and various leaks. This is something that is worth addressing before moving into the property as it will save you a costly repair bill. While dripping faucets are commonplace, we don't look at the reasons behind them a lot. If you notice a small patch of water on a wall, this could mean an issue with the plumbing between the walls, which has to be addressed right away.

Get On The Roof

While we take a cursory glance at the roof from the outside, we seldom climb up there and inspect it ourselves. Roofing can house a load of different problems, such as poor flashing and damaged shingles. As soon as the bad weather hits, and you've got a poorly maintained roof, this is going to cause additional problems inside the property. It's vital that you consult a professional to repair the roofing as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

When it comes to all of these problems, it can be a drastic undertaking. To make it easier for you, you can get a home inspection undertaken by a professional. While there are many resources out there, vigilance is key. When you buy a new property, the excitement of starting all over again can override any common sense. But when you head into a new home, these little problems can add up to a whole heap of trouble. To make life easier for yourself, now and in the future, it's all about preparing yourself for the worst possible scenarios. While there are cosmetic issues with any home when you move into it, there can be real life-threatening ones too!


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